How to remove paint from a wooden garden shed

Painted wooden garden sheds are a colourful cosmetic addition to urban and rural gardens alike. They are as functional as you want them to be and can serve many purposes such as a storage area for garden equipment, a bolt hole for the beleaguered man of the house, a play area for children and in more salubrious circumstances a granny annex. As a focal point in the garden they need to be repainted as often as necessary to maintain that fresh bohemian appearance that is accentuated by fostering a pied a terre ambience amidst arcadian surroundings. It presents quite a tedious task to remove the worn paint from such a large facade of wooden planks, one that is not relished by either trade painters or DIY enthusiasts. The question is how to remove it effectively and safely. A number of traditional options are available but none are totally effective or safe. Use of heat treatment or the more extreme blow torch method can cause smoky fumes that are eye stinging and can also scorch and damage the wood. Sanding methods, both manual and electrical are inclined to create dust that can have adverse effects on the respiratory system as well as being a slow process. Removing paint with traditional solvents is a harsh process giving off vapours that are unsafe and can cause discomfort. A better solution has to be found to overcome all these paint removal product shortcomings.

The most effective paint remover to the Construction Industry

In the face of adversity C Tec have developed an amazing alternative paint remover, the result of a lengthy intense research and development process. They have succeeded in inventing a more efficient safe and fast acting paint remover that is revolutionising the process. Its arrival on the market has created a real interest and stir in the Painting Trade and Construction Industry. It has become so popular in the short period since its release that distributors are clamouring for supplies to service the demand for the product. Its amazing qualities have certainly impressed the Construction Industry so we ask ourselves – exactly what is it and what does it actually do? As a safe paint remover it does not emit any noxious vapours or fumes. It is free from Methyl Chloride which according to the World Health Organisation can cause gastrointestinal irritation, headaches, shortness of breath, mental confusion, nausea and eye and skin damage. There is also the suggestion that it may be carcinogenic. Its absence from C Tec’s latest invention is reassuring to painters and customers alike and a major plus for Peel Tec that it can claim to be health safe. From a technical and operational perspective it is easy to apply from an aerosol with a unique trigger that allows the dispensation of the correct amount of product onto the target surface. Within ten minutes it has done its work and can be peeled away with little effort

using a proprietary tool or paint scraper. It leaves a clean material surface for the effective application of a new coat of paint so your garden shed is restored to its original pristine incandescent paint finish. Peel Tec is the painter’s choice “de rigueur” of paint remover. Peel Tec’s product mantra “Don’t burn it. Peel it.” depicts the efficiency of the paint removal solution and is synonymous with the product’s rise to fame as the gold standard in effective paint removal.

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