How to remove paint from a Welsh Dresser

Whether painted or stained and lacquered a cabinet face lift requires an effective paint remover to dispense with the old in preparation for the new paint or lacquer finish. That is the most tiresome and labour intensive aspect of a repaint job. As a piece of furniture that may or may not be antique or may be of great sentimental or monetary value it is essential to produce a clean sterile surface that is receptive to a fresh covering of paint. To maintain the integrity of your Welsh Dresser professional workmanship is absolutely essential. Real care is required with paint removal process from the base wood material so it is clinically clean for a new coat of paint. The time and effort expended is dependant on the type of wood and the intricacy of the carpentry work. Woods that are more susceptible to soaking in the paint will present a greater problem when removing it so the painter or operative needs to ensure the most effective method is deployed to provide a successful outcome. Historically there are a few methods of paint removal that painters have used in the past. They all require labour intensive effort and consequently a lot of time which can prove less than economical. The heat method is a slow process as is removal of the resultant residue with a scraper. Traditional Paint Strippers or solvents can be harsh and slow work where several applications on stubborn layers of paints are often necessary to remove the old paint. The mechanical option involving manual and electric sanders is also time consuming and poses the added health problem of dust emission. Fortunately C Tec have come quickly to the rescue in a timely fashion with a revolutionary innovative paint removal product

Magical paint remover that is safe, efficient and economical

The paint trade is in awe at the arrival of this new paint remover product on the market. It has been developed and manufactured by C Tec, Building Product Specialists to the Construction Industry. In response to the need for an efficient safe and fast paint removing solution they have researched and developed an amazing product that possesses all those positive requisite qualities. Peel Tec is the result of many hours of research and development. This revolutionary bespoke product is proving a practical success with the Construction Industry, particularly with the Paint and Decorating Sector who extoll its virtues as the greatest invention since sliced pan. Not only is it an effective and efficient paint remover but it does its job in a safe manner. Its formulation has ensured that it is Methyl Chloride free, a chemical substance that presents a risk to operatives and third parties. The attributes of being non toxic and vapourless add value to a product whose versatility and clinical efficiency are borne out by its positive and much lauded results since its launch on the market.

Other favourable product properties include handy delivery using an aerosol dispenser, easy and precise spray application and proficiency in challenging situations where multi layers of paint have to be removed. In the words of a confident and buoyant C Tec – Don’t burn it. Peel it ! This product will remove the old paint from your Welsh Dresser leaving a perfectly clean surface for a new coat of paint of your choice. The finished product will have a smooth paint finish that will restore its rustic charm and decorative integrity. Choose Peel Tec, the best paint removal solution for the professional finish you require and deserve.

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