How to quickly install external door frames.

The traditional method of installing or fixing external door frames using screws and nails is tedious and very labour intensive. Joiners plug masonry with timber grounds to which they fix the door frames with nails and screws. That process requires drilling which takes additional time and is dusty work. In more recent times insulated cavity closers are used in window and door openings to thermally close the cavity and provide a structure to which door frames are attached. Holes are drilled in the aluminium lining covering the insulation and overlapping either side of the cavity for attaching the door frames with screws to keep them in place. There is a problem if screws used to fix the door frame to the cavity closer protrude into the cavity. They unfortunately provide an unwanted cold bridge and a thermal break so it is not a good idea. It raises the question : is there an alternative and effective means of installing the door frame to the cavity closers without using mechanical fixings? A resounding yes refers to a revolutionary adhesive solution that has been recently developed specifically for the Construction Industry and which is the ideal stand alone sealing/bonding solution for installing external door frames without the need for additional fixings.

An effective industrial strength adhesive/sealant has been developed.

Installing external door frames with an adhesive, requires a very innovative bonding solution that possesses industrial quality strength and longevity. A dynamic Company named CT1 have researched, developed and manufactured a revolutionary adhesive/sealant that ticks all the boxes for an effective bonding product that combines high tensile strength with long lasting performance. This amazing product is eponymously named CT1 and is the Company’s flagship adhesive. It belongs to a very successful family of adhesives and sealants designed and manufactured by CT1 with the Construction Industry in mind. This bonding solution possesses a host of excellent properties that combine to provide a unique product formulation that has taken not only the Construction Industry but many others by storm. Its efficiency is regaled by an ever growing number of construction and industrial operatives as the ‘go to’ adhesive of choice for practically all bonding applications. It has grown a huge fan base in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway where product distribution has grown exponentially since its arrival on the market. The DIY sector have embraced CT1 with unreserved endorsement and they describe it as an extremely efficient multi application adhesive sealant that can tackle any domestic or household bonding requirement. Its solvent free hybrid polymer structure is compatible with practically any material including wood, glass, metal, aluminium, fibreglass, polystyrene to mention but a few and can be spread successfully under water to provide an adhesive seal that retains its bonding integrity permanently. With a resistance to extreme temperatures, water penetration and UV it does not shrink, crack or disintegrate under any conditions. It has a unique flexibility that allows for material  movement with no loss of product strength or bonding ability on a permanent basis. It is the ideal effective and long lasting solution for installing external door frames and dispenses with the need for any mechanical fixings.

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