How to Prep your Walls for Painting

Whether you’re a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast, knowing how to prep walls before painting is very important. Wall preparation is the first step towards achieving a successful painting project. If you don’t take a little extra time to prep your walls for painting, you will end up with mediocre results.

So, here is our quick and easy guide on how you can prep your walls before painting! Keep in mind that not every wall surface will need thorough prepping, so use your best judgement when it comes to prepping your walls for painting.

Cover the furniture

It’s an obvious one to start with, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget to cover their furniture before painting. If you want to avoid getting unwanted paint on furniture, use protective sheets and place the furniture in the middle of the room. Removing the furniture from the room might be the best option, but if that’s not possible, try your best to prevent accidental spillage by covering the furniture before your paint the walls.

Clean walls before painting

If you start with clean walls, you will achieve a much smoother and professional finish later. A sponge and warm water should be enough for a basic cleaning job. However, if the walls are oily or caked with grime, you’ll need to spend more time cleaning thoroughly. If there is mould on the walls, make sure you clean it before applying any paint.

Sand to smooth bumpy surfaces

For walls with ridges, bumps, etc., you might find that gently sanding the surface will help to smooth out any imperfections. Assuming the wall has not been painted previously, sanding is a great way to smooth any bumps or lumps on the wall.

Remove old paint

The most important step when prepping walls for painting is to remove any old paint from the walls. Painting over old paint may be a tempting way to escape the extra work that goes into removing it, but it is a huge mistake. Painting over old paint doesn’t fix the problem, it just adds more problems!

Our advice is to remove old paint using a safe but effective method of paint removal such as Peel Tec from C-Tec, the creators of CT1 construction sealant. Peel Tec removes paint from multiple surfaces, and it does so without using any heat, harsh solvents, or mechanical methods. All you need is an aerosol of Peel Tec and a tool to help peel the paint away following the application.

To use Peel Tec, simply point and spray. The product gets to work right away, and you will be able to peel the paint away with ease in less than ten minutes. The old paint literally peels off the walls, making it easier to remove old paint in the preparation process. For really old paint or walls with multiple layers of old paint, you may need to repeat the process for effective results.

If you want to remove paint safely and efficiently, there’s no better option than Peel Tec. Pick up yours (as well as other products from the C-Tec range including MultiSolve and CT1) at Crown Decorating Centres!



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