How To Inhibit The Growth Of Harmful Bacteria With BT1 Sealant

Are you worried about the spread of germs and bacteria in your home? Maintaining cleanliness in the home is crucial if you want to reduce things like allergies that can be triggered due to mould, fungus, and other bacteria in the home. Exposure to household mould can lead to health implications and have a profound effect on your health. Mould tends to accumulate in places where it’s very damp and warm. Some of the most common areas of the house for mould to develop are bathroom walls and ceilings, the corners of poor ventilated rooms, and near windows.

To inhibit the growth of bacteria in your home, you must address the root cause of the problem. In many cases, this begins with your choice of bathroom sealant. Bathrooms are prone to mould growth because they are wet rooms where water vapour can seep into the surrounding surfaces and lead to mould infestations. Sealant is usually a breeding ground for mould development because of how much water can seep into or behind the sealant. To avoid this from happening, you need to use a water resistant and anti-mould sealant for all bathroom applications.


Eliminate mould from your bathroom with BT1

BT1 is an incredible bathroom sealant with anti-mould properties that makes it impossible for bacteria and microbes to multiply on its surface. You can use BT1 for all bathroom applications from bonding shower panels to sealing around baths, sinks, and showers. You must use a high-performing and waterproof sealant in your bathroom to help reduce mould and harmful bacteria from spreading.

Avoiding water leaks is a must. Poor quality sealants will lose adhesion over time. The original bonds become weak and begin to crack, shrink, and soften. When this happens, it becomes so much easier for water to penetrate the surface of the sealant. Water can also seep in behind the sealant and start spreading mould that way. Whatever the case may be, you’re usually left with mould infested surfaces because the sealant was not watertight or mould resistant.

You can eliminate mould from your bathroom by using a professional anti-mould bathroom sealant such as BT1. BT1 is the only sealant of its kind made with a unique TRIBRID® Technology formula. This TRIBRID® Technology combats all forms of fungus and bacteria, leaving you with a clean and durable seal that cannot be penetrated by bacteria. BT1 is made up of three polymers, maximising its strength and bonding power. Since mould and fungus cannot grow on its surface, maintaining a clean and healthy environment becomes so much easier.

BT1 is not only ideal for use within the home, but it’s also the perfect sanitary sealant for public health institutes such as hospitals and clinics. In health establishments like this, it’s vital that there is no bacteria or mould breeding on surfaces where sealant has been applied. BT1 eliminates the chances of mould developing and reduces bacteria by up to 99.99%.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to mould and fungal growth, you need to use BT1: The ultimate bathroom sealant and adhesive.

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