How to glue ducting to walls

Traditionally, ducting for services such as electric, plumbing and central vacuuming systems is secured to the wall with metal or plastic clips which is a time consuming operation. Imagine if you had a system that dispensed with drilling and screw fittings to hold the ducting in place – it would save money as well as time. A Company by the name of CT1 has created a revolutionary adhesive/sealant that is capable of gluing ducting to walls in any conditions with complete effectiveness. It possesses the strength and performance longevity that you might associate with any bonding task in the Construction Industry. Designed specifically with that Industry in mind there are practically no materials that it will not bond together efficiently. Its instant grab ability enables immediate bonding of the ducting to tracked or flat walls. Its flexible quality allows for positioning of the ducting before product cure takes place. This amazing product will speed up the whole process of ducting installation making it more economical and allowing sub contractors to complete their work much more quickly. This revolutionary adhesive/sealant is eponymously named CT1 and has many applications across all industrial sectors.

An amazing safe bonding solution for gluing ducting to walls is now available.

Technicians and fitters can now secure their ducting on walls with a quick application of CT1 via an automated dispenser on the product cartridge. This instant grab adhesive will hold the ducting firmly in place without the need for any mechanical fixings, allowing the installation to be much more fluid and faster. With a high tensile strength of 265n/cm it combines grab with an element of flexibility without compromising its integrity. Ducting can be manoeuvred into place before a full adhesive cure takes place with complete assuredness that it will hold tight to the wall. This product possesses wonderful qualities including the ability to tolerate damp or wet conditions without losing any of its bonding strength. It can even be applied in wet or under water conditions with complete effectiveness, which is a big plus for those working in a wide range of conditions in the Construction Industry. Though designed singularly for that Industry it is compatible with practically any adhesive requirement. It bonds any materials ranging from metal to glass and enjoys a resistance to chemicals, dampness, vibration and UV. It will not shrink or expand in the most extreme conditions and will provide a permanent solution to any bonding requirement. CT1 has eco friendly and food safe credentials with certification in both sectors and is a popular bonding  product in both the medical and food industries. Its unique formulation as a hybrid polymer means it is odourless and emits no toxic vapours or fumes. This “Snag List Eliminator” as it has been labelled, is such a versatile effective product across all economic sectors that it has grown exponentially in popularity across the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Europe. It is the ideal solution for securing ducting in place.

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