How to get rid of paint from stair spindles

It is a time consuming task to repaint wooden stair spindles. With balustrades being moulded spindles of lathe-turned form that are intricately shaped, they present quite a task when it comes to repainting them. Before that new coat of paint can be applied the former or existing layer of paint has to be removed and that in itself can be a tiresome time consuming task. The objective is to find a safe product that is easily applied, works quickly on dissolving layers of paint, with the resulting residue being easily peeled away to reveal a clinically clean surface. You are looking for a solution that eliminates the pain of getting rid of paint from stair spindles. It has to be an innovative, even revolutionary formulation that overcomes the drawbacks of traditional methods that were less than safe, slow working and ineffective.The traditional means of removing old worn paint consisted of either using heat or alternatively a harsh solvent, commonly referred to as paint stripper. Both methods are less than effective as they are labour intensive, slow and unsafe. Traditional Paint Strippers can also have their disadvantages in often requiring several treatments to effectively remove the unwanted paint – depending on how many layers of paint have to be removed from the stairs. Moreover, harsh solvents can emit vapours, and fumes that can be noxious and nauseous and can scratch the base material leaving an unsatisfactory surface to receive a coat of new paint. In this instance the finished coat will not be as smooth and lustrous as desired as it is difficult to conceal scratches and abrasions even with numerous coats of paint.

An efficient safe product that sprays on and peels off

What is needed is basically a new safe, innovative solution for getting rid of paint from multiple surfaces. It is essential to ensure that whatever product you use is non abrasive and will not scratch or damage the stair spindles in the process. A well developed and produced solution that ticks all the relevant boxes has recently arrived on the market to fill the void. A well planned research and development initiative by the team at C Tec has borne fruit with the arrival of this revolutionary paint remover which steps up to the plate from every perspective. Its chemical properties are such that it can claim to be Methyl Chloride free, reassuring customers that it is non carcinogenic. Its neutral impact is in no small part due to its vapourless and fume free chemical formulation which makes it a safe product. These factors may be secondary to how effective and efficient it is as a paint remover which proves how adept Team C Tec have been at steering the development of this highly esteemed product towards a highly successful marketing conclusion. Its claim to fame definitely resides in its capability to“do what it says on the tin”. This new product by the name of Peel Tec says goodbye to those former tedious methods of removing paint and heralds a new era of excellent product formulation that gets thevjob done fast and efficiently in a safe manner.

Peel Tec’s versatility is accepted by distributors and customers alike as one of the main positive characteristic of the product. It removes paint from multiple surfaces safely and undramatically with the least effort. The aerosol design with unique trigger enables the user to spray only as much as is required onto a target surface area. Incredibly a single spray will see the paint peel away within ten minutes leaving the surface fully prepared for re-coating. The positive characteristics of this revolutionary paint remover will see it grow into a massively popular product to stand sise by side with C Tec’s Snag Eliminator List of Exceptional and unique adhesives and sealants to the Construction Industry.

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