How to fix concrete paving slabs on top of sunroom step foundations.

The most effective and quickest way to fix concrete paving slabs on top of sunroom step foundations is to deploy a very strong, long lasting and efficient adhesive/sealant to keep them securely in place. It needs to be a tried and tested bonding product that retains its adhesive strength in all weather and temperature extremes, is impervious to water penetration and does not shrink, crack or disintegrate in any conditions. Traditionally a bed of mortar is used to fix the concrete slabs in place but that requires sand, cement, water and a lot of elbow grease. It is a labour intensive messy process that takes time and physical effort and can be expensive if you have to hire skilled help to do the job. Builders or DIY adherents would be delighted to find a more cost effective way of fixing the slabs in place and indeed they are about to get what they wish for. A revolutionary adhesive/sealant that eclipses all others has been recently developed to perform all bonding applications. Designed with the Construction Industry in mind it is the ideal bonding solution for securing the slabs to the step foundations with no mess, instant grab and a cure that becomes as hard as a rock. It is even tougher and stronger than the concrete itself. This amazing adhesive is easily applied in seconds and provides immediate grip and long lasting bonding performance.

A strong adhesive to replace all others is now available.

Construction workers, industrial operatives and keen DIY enthusiasts all welcome the arrival of a revolutionary adhesive sealant that is a replacement for wood and PU adhesives, silicone sealants, sanitary silicone sealants, acrylic sealants and butyl rubber sealants. The brainchild of a very dynamic Company, CT1, this amazing eponymous adhesive has been researched, developed and manufactured with the Construction Industry in mind. It therefore has a unique formulation as a hybrid polymer adhesive that makes it superbly strong and long lasting. Its many properties combine to provide a bonding solution that is instant and permanent. It has been designed structurally for effective under water application with complete bonding strength retention and with no risk of surface material damage. It possesses an illogical flexibility that does not compromise its incredible high tensile strength and is resistant to UV. CT1 does not crack, shrink, expand or erode under any conditions and is also resistant to vibration. These qualities alone make it the ideal solution for fixing the paving slabs in place on top of the sunroom step foundations. However, it encompasses many more useful properties such as being solvent free with no isocyanates; is odourless and nontoxic; has food safe and eco compliant credentials; does not attack synthetic materials and prevents fungal growth – a very welcome feature that will protect the cosmetic and material integrity of the concrete paving slabs. CT1 is resistant to oil, solvents and alkalines and can be administered automatically at the touch of a finger on the applicator trigger. You simply apply beads of product to the rear of the slabs and press them into position on the sunroom step foundation to provide a waterproof long lasting bonding solution and a cosmetically pleasing appearance.

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