How to fix a mirror on a plasterboard wall

Fixing anything on a plasterboard wall is a challenging task and traditionally mechanical fixings and supports are used to attach mirrors, pictures and ornaments. This process requires a drill, metal cavity wall anchors, wall bracket fixings, nylon toggles, worm screws, wall plugs and a lot of courage. Plasterboard is essentially a layer of compressed plaster dust between two heavy sheets of paper. The problem with inserting screws or fixings is once the plasterboard is broken it is inclined to crumble leaving it very difficult to get a good fixing. The general rule of thumb is to use the specified fixing or screw for particular loads. The idea is to spread the load over as wide an area as possible to avoid plasterboard collapse. Fixing a mirror, depending on the size and weight, to a dry lined wall where the cavity is only a fraction of the width of a normal stud cavity is even more challenging and requires long screws that span the cavity and go into the block wall behind it. This is all tiresome, labour intensive work which could be dispensed with if an alternative method of fixing was available. Until quite recently there was no other option, but now there is a revolutionary adhesive/sealant that bonds any material with incredible strength and permanent effect.


A new innovative adhesive with lasting effect

An incredibly strong and long lasting adhesive/sealant has been developed by a Company named CT1, specifically for the Construction Industry. With that remit in mind they have created a bonding product with a unique formulation which has won the hearts and endorsement of industrial operatives and construction workers in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. Aptly labelled ‘The Snag List Eliminator’ by the Company the eponymous adhesive/sealant – CT1 – has quickly grown in stature as the one stop shop for all bonding applications. It has the power to fix a mirror to a plasterboard wall with immediate effect and permanent application. It seals as it sticks creating a high tensile bonding joint that is stronger than the material itself. The sealant aspect ensures that there is no water, moisture or steam ingression enabling the adhesive to retain its amazing bonding capacity in any conditions. Its resistance to UV prevents product shrinkage, cracking and erosion, providing a bonding consistency that is unaffected by external factors. A few beads of CT1 on the rear of the mirror is sufficient to hold it firmly in place against the plasterboard – a mounting process that takes only minutes with no resulting dust, dirt or intensive labour. CT1 is basically a replacement product for all wood, PU adhesives and silicone sealants with a performance efficiency that exceeds expectations. It is non toxic, enjoys eco compliance certification and is also food safe as sanctioned by ISEGA. It has become the stock in trade adhesive for practically all bonding tasks.


Buy CT1 in Wickes Stores

Wickes have over 230 conveniently located branches throughout the UK, providing only the best products to homeowners and the building trade. CT1 is available to purchase in all Wickes Stores throughout the UK.

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