How to fix a broken roof tile.

You may ask  – why does the adhesive product need to seal as well as bond? The answer is simple and highlights the failure of so many proprietary adhesives currently on the market. An adhesive that possesses sealing qualities prevents water ingression and penetration that could well compromise the adhesion integrity of the product. The best bonding solution in terms of fixing a broken roof tile must incorporate a host of qualities that ensure product efficiency, safety and longevity. It needs to be compatible with the material being used so it does not damage the  material or surface itself in any way. From a purely practical perspective, the adhesive must work primarily with high tensile strength yet retain a certain tolerance to movement without losing any of its efficiency as a bonding agent. That appears a step too far for any potential adhesive solution but is an important product element as some time is required to fit the broken piece of roof tile into place  before the solution sets completely. You want a well aligned tile repair so it does not show joint lines nor detract from the overall roof tile symmetry. It is also essential that the adhesive can be painted over to add that finishing cosmetic touch that might be required to fully restore its original integrity. Fixing the roof tile can be an easy task with the right adhesive and a safe scaffolding to access the roof. The challenge is finding that elusive adhesive product that fulfils the criteria for an effective bonding agent that will fix a broken roof tile quickly, easily and efficiently.

A new revolutionary bonding agent has been developed.

The eponymous CT1, sharing its trade name with its illustrious developer and manufacturer, possesses the comprehensive criteria for a brilliantly successful sealant/adhesive that is ideal for gluing a broken roof tile back together. This amazingly effective bonding agent was designed with the construction industry specifically in mind. To be warmly endorsed by just about every industry and business CT1 has had to prove its worthiness as the ‘go to’ adhesive for practically all applications. Its approval rating sets the bench mark for best in kind adhesive products across the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway, with an ever expanding market. This hybrid polymer has excelled beyond customer expectations and its wide acclaim as an amazingly effective adhesive/sealant has earned it great kudos and popularity in the DIY domestic and household sector as a versatile bonding solution. Its unique formulation, incorporating a list of essential product criteria, has endowed it with an excellent bonding ability that offers a permanent adhesive solution. As a food safe product that is non toxic and is widely used in both the medical and hospitality industries – it is a revolutionary invention that earns it the title of ‘Snag List Eliminator’. CT1 has de facto become the byword for bonding efficiency and long lasting performance. In the cliched terms of paint marketing – it actually does what it says on the tin.