How to fix a broken glass candle holder.

The quickest and most efficient way to fix a broken glass candle holder is to find a superglue that glues efficiently and permanently with no visible joint line or staining of the glass. Provided the glass has broken into large pieces and not into smithereens it can be repaired with the careful application of a frugal amount of superglue – not just any glue but a cyanoacrylate based product that glues instantly to provide a permanent bonding solution. There are many superglues of differing formulations that claim the ability to stick anything back together but on careful scrutiny you find that they fail on high tensile, safety and toxic levels which challenges you to find an adhesive product that ticks all the boxes for efficiency, safety and effective longevity. To glue pieces of glass together and restore a broken glass candle holder you require a glue that provides an invisible joint and dries out clear. It needs to possess the unique quality of instant and extremely strong bonding characteristics whilst being totally compatible with the material – in this instance – clear glass. It should also be as toxin free as possible and be easily applicable via an applicator nozzle that delivers a controlled amount of product to the target area. The question is – can you find a superglue that complies with all these criteria and maintains its integrity under extreme conditions – including humidity and temperature and atmospheric fluctuations. On reflection there is an amazing adhesive product recently developed by CT1, a company that earned its spurs with an illustrious and successful family of sealants and adhesives – primarily designed with the Construction Industry in mind. Its miraculous strength and durability providing a long lasting gluing solution is ideally suited to gluing the broken glass candle holder together and restoring its integrity.

A uniquely formulated super glue comes to the rescue.

CT1 has invented and developed a superglue by the name of Superfast Plus to meet every gluing requirement across all industries and businesses. This magically versatile product is the result of a lengthy research and development project to manufacture a uniquely formulated super glue that ticks all the relevant product boxes to provide a single adhesive solution to replace all others. It is compatible with practically all materials which makes it a safe bet as a neutral application that causes no damage to the target surface. Most importantly its unique solvent free formulation provides a strong bond that resists almost any force and provides a life long gluing solution to all your adhesive needs whether in construction, business, domestic or any other application. Superfast Plus is a cyanoacrylate glue or super glue that is less toxic than any other comparable glue and is leading the way as the go to superglue of choice among many construction operatives across the UK Ireland and indeed many countries in Europe. Its endorsement by both the medical and hospitality sectors is testament to its safe credentials as well as its gluing qualities and further endorses its versatility as a multiple task gluing solution. It is the superglue of choice to fix a broken glass candle holder with ease and proficiency and to restore the candle holder to its original integrity.

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