How to fit a wooden mantel to a brick fireplace

Fitting a wooden mantel to a brick fireplace requires a safe effective adhesive/sealant that combines instant grab with flexibility, allowing manipulation of the mantel into its proper position before complete cure takes effect. The construction of antique brick fireplaces with the addition of reclaimed oak beam over-mantels has become very popular with home owners and builders. It is the perfect framework for a solid burner and adds a rustic ambience of warmth and country living to modern homes. The challenge has been finding a safe adhesive to secure the mantel to the brick. Whilst some adhesive products on the market provide a reasonable solution, they are neither safe nor permanent, leaving trades people in hopeful expectation of a new improved option being developed. The ideal bonding solution needs to be safe, strong, flexible and capable of retaining its bonding integrity in any conditions and with any materials. Reclaimed mantels may vary in condition and often come with undulating surfaces that have to be attached to the brick fireplace. These require a flexible adhesive that can bond quickly and effectively to brick allowing a window of opportunity to arrange the mantel into the desired position before the solution begins to cure. The adhesive needs to be chemically non aggressive and compatible with both the brick and oak surface to create an effective long lasting bond. The undulating nature of both contact surfaces requires an adhesive/sealant product that fills the gaps efficiently, allowing levelling of the mantel on the fireplace top layer of brick.


A safe effective adhesive/sealant solution is now accessible

A safe, effective and long lasting adhesive/sealant is now available for bonding reclaimed oak mantels to brick fireplaces. CT1, the eponymous adhesive/sealant from the manufacturer of a family of successful adhesive and sealant products to the Construction Industry is the ideal solution for fixing a wooden mantel to a brick fireplace. This versatile bonding product has multiple applications besides its extensive deployment across all construction trades. It is in fact CT1’s flagship product with growing popularity across the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and many European countries. Its claim to fame is no accident but rather the result of its prowess as an adhesive/sealant per excellence. As a highly acclaimed bonding product it is swiftly replacing a host of other adhesives such as plastic and wood adhesives and silicone sealants. It is in fact a single solution for all bonding requirements, though designed specifically for the Construction Industry. Its unique formulation as a solvent free product, provides an adhesive/sealant solution that is safe, versatile and flexible, with long lasting grab and high tensile strength. Its instant grab ability is combined with a flexibility that allows time for material manipulation before the final cure takes place. It is a safe solution as it does not react to chemicals and provides an efficient bond with no harshness towards the material surfaces. CT1’s wow factor is its capacity to be spread in wet  or under water conditions with no dilution of its integrity as an excellent adhesive. Its sealant qualities also prevent moisture penetration and fungal growth which means the seal remains effective even in damp conditions. This is a particularly cogent detail in relation to its specific use as a mantel fireplace adhesive/sealant. It actually does two jobs simultaneously – it bonds and seals ensuring product integrity remains intact on a permanent basis. The mantel will be protected from all exterior threats including extremes of temperature and dampness in the room. As a hybrid polymer this amazing bonding and sealing agent has received accreditation as a food safe and environmentally friendly product which puts it well ahead of the competition as a safe and effective bonding and sealing product. Your mantel will have a permanent bond on the brick fireplace providing you with both style and substance – who says you cannot have your proverbial cake and eat it? CT1 displaces this old adage with a reality check that proves the opposite where this revolutionary product is concerned.


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You can now purchase the full range of CT1 colours from Wickes Branches. Spread across the UK, they have over 230 branches and you can also purchase it via their Online Store.

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