How to find a non hazardous paint stripper

It is very refreshing and reassuring to find a paint removal or stripping product that ticks all the boxes and gets the job done in a safe and effective manner. Traditional methods of paint removal have their drawbacks, proving an unsafe slow and laborious task. Using heat treatment or the blow torch option can be a tedious and lengthy solution creating smoke, fumes and unpleasant vapours which can result in stinging eyes and respiratory issues. Solvents historically produce toxic vapours and a resulting residue  that has to be cleaned off and handled with due caution.  Mechanical methods, including sanding, produce dust which can cause breathing problems and are definitely not a good idea for interior use. It is important to know what paint strippers are most effective, safe and non hazardous at the same time. Do your research so informed decision making will lead you to the least hazardous option. The time is right for a new revolutionary paint stripping solution that is both safe and effective and C Tec have made a timely intervention with the provision of the perfect paint stripper product. After a period of research and development they have produced a magical formulation that removes paint from multiple surfaces safely. Their safe efficient paint stripper invention joins the C Tec family of sealants and adhesives that have become stock in trade must have items in the Construction Industry. Designed specifically for this industry and the painting and decorating sector in particular, their  incredible product takes the work out of paint stripping. The two key factors that denote this new paint stripper’s credentials are its effectiveness and its safety. Like its counterparts on C Tec’s Snag List Eliminator inventory “it does what it says on the tin” in a timely and safe manner.

 A safe and effective way to strip paint from multiple surface

As the latest addition to the C Tec product range, this product is the best non hazardous paint stripper on the European market. Its safety credentials are widely known and accepted gratefully by everyone in the Construction world. Combined with its technical proficiency it is being acclaimed right across the UK, Ireland and Europe. As a growing continental success story this sensational paint stripper’s mantra of “Don’t burn it. Peel it!  is a very apt and succinct description of the product’s prowess and inimitable modus operandi. Its safety features are extolled by everyone in the Painting Industry and its founder C Tec are fully confident of the product’s ability to do the job when it claims that on application of the solution, paint simply peels away. Trade painters and decorators have endorsed the product universally and testify to its magical and technical properties that make it stand apart as the number one paint stripping solution to the trade.

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