How to Clean Your Workshop Tools and Equipment

Cleaning workshop tools such as wrenches, blades, pliers, chisels and hammers etc. is important because it can be really easy for these objects to become quite greasy and dirty over time. This can make them slippery and more difficult to use, thus lowering their performance quality. The best option when it comes to cleaning workshop tools is to use a degreaser such as the multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser from C-Tec – Multisolve.

What is Multisolve?

Multisolve is a safe, fast-acting and high performing multi-purpose solvent. The solution comes available in a handy aerosol and is applied using a simple spray motion. After spraying the product onto the desired area, you simply wait for a few seconds for the solution to work into the stains. In no time, the grease, oil and tar will begin to lift from the base material of your workshop equipment, helping to ensure that your tools are kept in their best possible shape.

Simple Cleaning Solution

Using a safe degreaser such as this one, will guarantee perfectly clean tools after each use. Many people assume that a degreaser will harm the plastic of the handle or grips of their tools. However, Multisolve uses a safe but powerful detaching motion which, instead of burning through the problem, will encourage the substance to lift from the surface of the base material without damaging it. This unique solvent is harmless to most plastics, making it ideal for use with tools that use plastic grips or handles etc. On top of removing grease, oil and tar, Multisolve can also be used to remove grime, adhesives, sealants, printing ink, wax and paraffin.

How to Use Multisolve with Tools

As mentioned above, applying Multisolve is incredibly easy as the formula comes ready in an easy-to-use aerosol. After leaving the solvent to work into the substance, take a cloth rag and use it to rub excess dirt, grime and residue off. An advantage of using Multisolve to clean your tools however, is the fact that it completely evaporates and will not leave any residue behind. Unlike regular solvents, C-Tec’s incredible creation will not even leave any oil films behind in its tracks. It is 100% non-corrosive, non-staining and non-conductive.

If you want to keep your precious tools in top condition, make sure to give them a quick and thorough cleaning after every use. This is especially important when the tools are left open to amounts of grease and oil. Multisolve will also effectively degrease and clean other mechanical parts such as the motor, suspension and brakes of your car or vehicle. It will also remove previous grease layers before re-lubrication. This comes in handy when using it to clean door hinges, for example. You can do all of this and more, without having to worry about corroding the painted surface.


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