How to Clean Paint Spills & Splatters with Peel Tec

Painting can be a messy job, and sometimes accidental spills and splatters happen, whether you want them to or not! If you have accidentally spilled paint, you’re probably looking for a fast and effective solution to help clean up the spill without causing permanent damage to the surface. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s no point crying over spilt paint! Whether you’re faced with the task of cleaning up a dribble of paint or a massive spillage, there is a way that you can clean it up like nothing ever happened. The answer lies with Peel Tec, a safe and efficient paint remover that has helped countless professionals clean up accidental paint spills!

So, what makes Peel Tec the ideal solution for cleaning paint spills and splatters? Let’s find out…

The safest paint removal solution

Before Peel Tec was released, most people had no choice but to look to potentially unsafe and hazardous methods of paint removal. These methods to remove paint and clean up spills, etc., often included heat, harsh solvents, and even mechanical methods. All of which, took a lot of time, money, and would cause damage to the base material. Then, the painting world was saved from the headache of cleaning paint when Peel Tec was introduced to the market.

Peel Tec consists of a unique formulation that ensures it will not damage the base material. It is a versatile product that works on almost all materials with the same level of clinical efficiency. This means you can trust Peel Tec to help clean paint spills without worrying about damaging the underlying surface.

Achieve fast and effective results

Peel Tec prides itself on being one of the most efficient and effective ways to remove paint safely. So, if you do accidentally knock over a tub of paint or you get splatters on furniture, you can trust Peel Tec to have your back. It gets to work in less than ten minutes. You will know that the product is working when you notice that the paint has started to peel away. Peel Tec comes in an easy-to-use aerosol with a unique nozzle for precise application, which is perfect for smaller and large spillages alike.

Use Peel Tec to clean paint spills and splatters

To use Peel Tec to clean up paint spills or splatters, simply shake the aerosol before use and test the compatibility of the surface before going all in. When you’re happy with that, you can begin to apply Peel Tec generously and give it some time to take effect. Usually, the paint will peel away in less than ten minutes. However, the quality and age of the paint will have an impact on the length of time needed to remove it. Once the paint has lifted from the surface, grab a scraping tool and gently peel the paint away. If you are cleaning up an old paint spill or splatter, some stubborn deposits may remain. If so, simply repeat the application process to make sure that all traces of the spilled paint are gone!


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