How to attach roof shingles to a garden house.

The fastest and most effective way to attach roof shingles to a garden house is to deploy a tried and tested industrial strength adhesive that offers efficiency and long lasting effect. The traditional method of fixing shingles is hammer and nails – a labour intensive process that can produce water leaks over time with rusting nails or ill fitted shingles. A garden house is a beautiful and functional structure that possesses both a practical and aesthetic purpose. It can represent a place of retreat or simply a bolt hole where you can find complete peace and relaxation in a pleasant garden environment, so it is essential to ensure the roofing shingles provide an effective, value for money roofing proposition. A faster and more efficient means of attaching the shingles would be a welcome development for house builders and homeowners, particularly if it is one that provides a secure long lasting result. That was a distant hope until quite recently when a revolutionary sealant /adhesive was developed, by a Company named CT1. Its eponymous, brainchild adhesive, possesses a unique formulation which endows the product with an incredibly strong bonding capacity and longevity that is unsurpassed in the adhesive world.

A revolutionary adhesive for all applications has arrived.

CT1, the amazing adhesive/sealant from the development Company’s inventory of very successful sealants and adhesives designed with the Construction Industry in mind, is the ideal adhesive and sealant combined solution for attaching shingles to a garden house. Whether it is  asphalt, rubber or metal shingles this revolutionary adhesive/sealant provides a waterproof bond of incredible strength that will endure extreme weather and temperature fluctuations while retaining its bonding capacity. Its unique formulation as a product that is compatible with practically all materials and has a resistance to UV, ensures the product does not shrink, crack or disintegrate in any conditions. A product property that defies logic is its flexibility which does not compromise its high tensile strength and permanent bonding capacity. It can be used in all water environments and provides simultaneous adhesion and sealing which is a plus factor when used to attach roofing shingles. CT1 is non toxic, eco compliant and possesses food safe certification. It does not attack synthetic materials, has an excellent resistance to vibration and actually prevents fungal growth. It provides a unique adhesion on virtually any material in most applications without the need for additional fixings. It is the ultimate solution for sealing. This innovative bonding and sealing agent will bond the shingles to the wood underlay with optimal strength. It copes wonderfully well in an exterior environment, providing instant grab, astounding curing strength and longevity that will keep the roof shingles firmly in place for many years.

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