How to attach ornamental stone tiles to a block wall.

Both the interior and exterior walls in a house can be transformed with the installation of ornamental stone tiles. The can add a natural decorative element that captures a feature of heritage build and provides a connection to our natural environment. Securing the tiles to the wall can present a challenge – that is finding the most appropriate method of doing so. The solution is a safe effective adhesive that also has sealant qualities.That is the most efficient method of installing tiles on an interior and exterior block wall. It is essential to find a product that works equally efficiently on both walls and is tolerant of temperature fluctuations and weather extremes – especially if open to the elements. There are a number of proprietary adhesives on the market but unfortunately they fall short in the safety stakes.

Interior application should not only be effective but also safe, ensuring the adhesive is solvent free and does not contain any dangerous toxins nor emit nauseous gases or vapours. As for exterior application – the bonding product should have maximum grab ability, be moisture and corrosion resistant and have a tolerance towards the material or masonry to which it is attached.

Primarily, the glue/sealant should have a long lasting shelf life, bond quickly and efficiently and also have a capacity for high tolerance to shrinkage and movement so minor tile adjustments can be implemented effectively during the installation process. A product UV resistance factor will ensure sufficient flexibility for such movement, so it is imperative that any adhesive solution complies in that respect to smooth the installation procedure.

Thankfully there is now a revolutionary new adhesive at your disposal. The product is CT1.

Travis Perkins are the main stockist of this product in the UK.

An excellent new sealant /adhesive is born.

A revolutionary new sealant/adhesive product has been developed by CT1. Branded as the eponymous CT1, this unique formulation combines the two elements of bonding and sealing to provide a versatile solution that covers all bases and ticks all the criteria boxes for efficiency, safety, long life expectancy and easy application. Its proficiency has earned it the title of ‘ The Snag List Eliminator’ and a reputation as the go-to product for all your bonding and sealing requirements.

Designed specifically for the Construction Industry this product has been intensively researched and developed with a unique formulation that complies with proficiency requirements, safety and environmental considerations and enjoys a long lasting shelf life. This very versatile solution to bonding and sealing is the ideal product for wall decorative stone tile installation. In marrying the two elements of bonding and sealing CT1 simultaneously does both jobs, providing the ultimate solution in adhesion and sealing. For exterior application it ensures you have no moisture penetration or corrosion in the bond which provides a comprehensive product efficiency and an effective wall tile installation.

It has received an ISEGA certificate which denotes its safe use in a food environment and allows for safe application in a medical context as well.

Travis Perkins are the main stockist for CT1 in the UK and are ecstatic at the product’s ever growing popularity and continuing sales growth across a wide customer base.

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