How to attach a wooden curtain pole to a block wall.

The traditional method of attaching curtain poles to block walls is with rawl plugs and screws. The wall has to be drilled normally with a 8mm concrete drill bit and the rawl plugs inserted in the drilled holes. The brackets for holding the pole are screwed in position with self tapping screws so they are secured to the wall. It is a viable way of mounting curtain poles but the process is labour intensive, dusty and at times very annoying and a test of patience, especially when drilling through a reinforced concrete head above a window or patio door. It is a universal problem when installing the wooden curtain pole. Sometimes the hole is drilled only after applying inordinate pressure on the drill which can skew the trajectory of the drill bit and create a bigger hole than necessary. The rawl plug then proves ineffective as it spins in the hole when trying to tighten the screw, at which point you have to find a bigger plug and a larger screw to fit the enlarged hole. Even at that, the hole goes off line so you have to adjust the screw which throws the other screws off line. It can end in a complete fiasco which begs the question – is there no other efficient way of attaching the pole to the wall to avoid all this hassle? Fortunately a revolutionary adhesive has been developed by a specialist adhesive manufacturing company that will attach the pole fittings securely to the wall without having to drill a single hole.

The perfect adhesive solution is now available.

Curtain wooden pole fitters will be relieved and delighted to hear that an effective alternative to rawl plugs and screws has been developed by a dynamic company whose eponymous adhesive/sealant product CT1 is the doyen of multiple industries across the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. Designed specifically for the Construction Industry, this amazing bonding agent provides high tensile strength, flexibility, protection against temperature extremes, resistance to water penetration and chemicals and is compatible with practically every material, forming a joint that is stronger than the material itself. Moreover it has a wow factor – CT1 can be applied and spread effectively underwater to provide an adhesive seal that stops leaks and is resistant to material movement. It remains effective whilst being flexible and as a solvent free product does not shrink or erode under any external conditions. Uniquely formulated it has proven an all applications adhesive success, endorsed by distributors on an international basis with unparalleled plaudits from trades people and industrial operatives. In fact it has quickly grown in popularity to be recognised as the ‘go to’ adhesive solution for practically all industrial, domestic and household applications. With glowing testimonials its effectiveness is affirmed by anyone who has used it. Its strength is technically described as 265n per centimetre squared, yet it possesses a flexibility that allows it to move with the material without breaking the bond or its integrity. Available in a choice of colours this amazing product can be painted over to match the material and is certified as a food safe adhesive with safe environmental credentials. It is easily applicable from a convenient container, has instant grab and cures to a permanent strong solution within minutes. A dab of CT1 on the back of the pole bracket will attach it to the wall dispensing with the need to drill holes and insert rawl plugs and screws. A truly labour saving efficient means of successfully attaching the curtain pole brackets to the wall!