How to attach a small floodlight to an external house wall.

Attaching lights of any description to an external wall of your house is normally accomplished with a drill, rawl plugs, screws and screwdriver. It is both tedious and difficult work, especially if you are working at a height off a ladder. However, the benefits of having a floodlight to illuminate your driveway or yard outweighs the problem of installing it. People take risks which they think are mitigated by experience or a good head for heights and climb ladders that are not secure or supported. The danger of overstretching on a ladder is obvious. Using a drill to drill holes for screws to keep the floodlight in place poses a considerable threat while trying to keep your balance on a ladder tread. It would be a much safer and easier task if a better solution for attaching the screws was available. In fact many adhesive manufacturers make such claims about their bonding  products which do not always match up to the promises. That is the issue with an alternative attachment method. It does not match up to expectations from either an efficiency or longevity perspective. The challenge rests in finding an adhesive that actually does what it says on the tin. Fortunately you do not have to look any further. A revolutionary new adhesive/sealant that encompasses the full criteria for an effective and long lasting solution has been developed by a Company named CT1.

An innovative new adhesive/sealant comes to the rescue.

A revolutionary new super strong adhesive is the perfect solution for attaching a small floodlight to a house wall. CT1, the Company that has developed a very illustrious range of adhesives and sealants, has developed the eponymous CT1 as their flagship adhesive/sealant product. Uniquely formulated with the Construction Industry in mind, this amazing hybrid polymer bonding product that bonds and seals simultaneously, has been defined as ‘The Snag List Eliminator’ by the Company. Its fast rise to fame among construction workers and industrial operatives who endorse it as the ‘go to’ bonding product of choice for virtually all bonding applications’ is due totally to its efficiency and longevity. Its versatility and compatibility with practically every material makes it the stock in trade adhesive/sealant for trades people in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. CT1’s properties include the ability to be spread underwater with no loss of bonding integrity and a resistance to UV, extreme temperatures, chemicals and oil. It is an effective and safe sealant with eco compliant credentials and a food safe certification. This adhesive/sealant agent does not crack or shrink and possesses an illogical flexibility that does not compromise bonding strength which is around 265N per square centimetre. It will stick metal and plastic to masonry so it is ideal for attaching the floodlight to the house wall with instant grab and great strength for a lasting bonding solution

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