How to attach a dummy alarm bell to you house exterior.

The best way to attach a dummy alarm bell to your house exterior is to use a tried and tested efficient heavy duty adhesive that glues it firmly to a clearly visible section of your house exterior. This method of attachment is much faster and more efficient than the conventional modus operandi of drill and screw. It is also a safer method of attachment, especially if working off a ladder – all you have to do is deliver beads of the adhesive to the back of the alarm bell housing – which can be done on the ground – and stick it in the desired position on the wall with a little pressure applied. The best place is usually where it is most visible to the public so they are aware of the deterrent and that is normally high on a gable wall. Since it is a dummy bell there is no concern about having to supply electric power to energise it. The obvious challenge is to find a suitable product. Thankfully a new revolutionary adhesive has arrived on the market. It is an outstanding product with a unique formulation – a most effective adhesive invented by a Company named CT1-  that glues practically anything in place. It was specifically designed for the Construction Industry and consequently possesses an inordinate strength that enables vertical bonding of very heavy objects such as slabs of stone facing, granite or marble. This heavy duty adhesive designed to tackle the most difficult bonding jobs is highly acclaimed and is endorsed by operatives across a host of European industries as the best of its kind.

Innovative new adhesive for effective bonding.

Power Grab n Bond is the magical new adhesive formula from CT1, the home of a family of excellent sealants and adhesives to the Construction Industry. Its versatility means that it is compatible with almost every material and it bonds with a high tensile strength that belies its flexibility. Its unique formulation based on the Company’s flagship adhesive/Sealant – the eponymous CT1- contains attributes that make it the most effective heavy duty adhesive on the market. It is designed primarily for heavy vertical bonding and will glue the alarm bell housing to the wall with consummate ease. Its solvent free chemistry signals environmental friendliness and on a practical level it grabs initially with strength which becomes vice-like on curing. It is resistant to weather extremes, impact and vibration and is also chemical resistant. All its properties combined provide the strongest permanent bonding solution available and its popularity is testified by its universal endorsement from industrial operatives in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. It has quickly become the ‘go to’ heavy duty adhesive for hosts of industries as well as the DIY sector across Europe.

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