How do you strip paint from a wood framed glasshouse?

Stripping paint from a wood framed glasshouse is a challenging task. With an expansive area of woodwork to cover, the job is going to be quite slow and labour intensive. However, by choosing the most appropriate solution you can quicken the process and improve the end result. With a glass house the likelihood of having to remove several layers of paint is probably quite high and that in itself will require a paint removal product that is strong enough to dissolve multiple layers into a residue that is easily removed. The need to remove the old paint is predicated upon the potential of rot in places that will have to become visible to facilitate wood repairs before the application of a new preservative coat of paint. Though the main objective is probably to protect the wood from premature ageing and decay there is also the aspect of presenting a clean attractive cosmetic appearance, in keeping with the growth of colourful plants, fruit and vegetables within the greenhouse. A number of tried and tested products have all failed in the safety sphere and are not completely proficient in the paint removal process either. Mechanical means of paint removal, including manual and powered sanding has proved a time consuming procedure and dust producing process that is harmful to the operative’s health. Solvent use can be very unpredictable with eyestinging fumes and vapour and potential damage to the material surface whilst Heat treatment can cause scorching of the wood and produce unpleasant noxious smoke. A new paint removal solution is what is required going forward to help you strip paint efficiently and safely.

A revolutionary safe paint stripper is now at your disposal.

There is a perfect solution for every job – if you can believe the marketers and product spin doctors. That is the reality in fact with Peel Tec – a revolutionary product form C Tec that is designed specifically for the Construction Industry. It is a paint stripper par excellence, eating through layers of paint and leaving a peel away residue within ten minutes of application. This amazing product is the result of an intensive period of research and development and joins the C Tec Snag List Eliminator family of successful sealants and adhesives to the Building sector. Peel Tec’s mantra, Don’t burn it. Peel it! encapsulates its power to do as it says on the tin. It is an easily applicable spray gel product that is dispensed via a unique nozzle that releases the right amount to the target surface area. It reacts safely and immediately with the paint, dissolving it into an easily peeled away residue and providing a clinically clean material base that is ready for a new smooth, flawless coat of paint. This is the solution that you have been looking for to strip paint efficiently from your wood framed glasshouse.

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