How do you stop a leak in a cattle water trough

A cattle water trough is an essential element on land where cows or beef cattle are grazing, to keep them hydrated. One that is leaking is of little use to a herd of cattle lining up for a drink so either repair or replacement of the leaking water receptacle is an immediate necessity. Replacing the water trough, irrespective of whether it is made of concrete or some other composite material, can be an expensive outlay with the purchase of a new trough, transporting it to the desired location and connecting the water feed. A much faster and cheaper solution would be to seal the leak with an adhesive/sealant, if you can find such an effective product. Farmers are famously efficient at performing DIY jobs around the farm as immediate outside help is not always available. In this instance however, self help requires a reliable bonding agent  to resolve the problem. The choice of such products incorporates a wide selection of proprietary solutions that are unfortunately not safe, so finding the right sealant is a challenging task. The job of actually sealing the trough needs to be considered carefully since traditional sealing methods using silicones or other sealants have to be applied to a dry exterior trough surface. Before being sealed on the exterior the trough would have to be emptied of any residual water content and allowed time to dry out before applying the solution. Historically the repair procedure has been a one dimensional and limited process demanding a more radical, versatile and effective solution going forward. The good news is that a Company named CT1 was encouraged by the Construction Industry in the recent past to invent a more comprehensive adhesive/sealant with high performance attributes and a wide application to meet the demands of all adhesion and sealing requirements across all construction trades. The eponymous adhesive/sealant CT1 is the result of that intensive research and product development implemented by the Company.

A new effective adhesive/sealant is ideal for all sealing jobs.

CT1 is a revolutionary agent for adhering and sealing practically any materials instantly and providing a permanent bonding solution. It is the ideal product for sealing a leak in a cattle water trough as it can be spread effectively under water to provide a bond equal in strength and integrity to that provided on a dry surface. Its versatility means it is adept at bonding a wide variety of materials ranging from glass to metal and wood with complete efficiency and long lasting effect. Its attributes make it the go to adhesive/sealant solution for all bonding requirements across the DIY sector as well as the Construction Industry. CT1’s unique formulation as a solvent free product has inherent attributes that make it eco friendly and food safe – qualities that make it a favourite adhesive/sealant in both the food and medical industries. It also possesses a certain flexibility that allows for material movement without compromise of its bonding performance. Its wow factor as a solution to sealing a leaking water trough is its applicability and efficiency in underwater conditions. The fact that it bonds with great tensile strength and also seals simultaneously in a water tight manner, is a revolutionary aspect of this amazing bonding agent.This makes repair of the leak possible, effective and long lasting for any farmer faced with the challenge. A quick application of CT1 to seal the offending leak will provide a bonding sealing solution that is safe, cost effective and permanent in any conditions. The product will not shrink or crack and will retain its bond strength and total integrity as a permanent fix with no corrosion or fungal growth. Farmers in this instance can enjoy peace of mind safe in the knowledge that they now have a product that will bond and seal any water leak with complete efficiency.

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