How do you remove paint from an occasional table?

Removing paint from an occasional table can be time consuming and even unsafe if you neglect   to deploy a product that is Methyl Chloride free. From a technical perspective the best method to remove paint is the most effective one. Traditional methods are neither safe nor efficient and are labour intensive as well as uneconomical. Heat treatment can cause surface damage and emit vapours while blow torch deployment can also create nasty vapours and fumes that sting eyes and cause respiratory problems. Mechanical sanding, either manual or electrical, poses its own issues with a process that is very time consuming and produces consequential clouds of dust that affect both the eyes and breathing. Use of solvents represents a harsh treatment with unpleasant and unsafe vapour emissions that can also cause medical problems. Repetitive applications can also be necessary to remove stubborn layers of paint whilst the removal of the resulting detritus can be a tediously slow job requiring a lot of time and patience. Bearing in mind that an occasional table is usually a central feature in a living room or lounge, it requires careful and skilled treatment to ensure it retains its original decorative finish and integrity. The painter, looking for a paint removal solution covering all bases and providing a clinically clean surface, wants one that is totally receptive to a new coat of paint and provides a surface that allows its smooth application. There is a new paint removal product designed by C Tec on the market. It has been developed over a period of time specially for the Construction Industry.

The best product removes paint safely, quickly and cleanly.

We can say goodbye to those tiresome and unsafe methods of removing paint with the arrival of this amazing product that does exactly what it claims. It removes paint quickly, safely and effectively to reveal a clinically clean surface that is immediately receptive to a new coat of paint. This innovative product from C Tec is Peel Tec. It is the result of an intensive research period dedicated to inventing and developing a solution that will tick all the boxes for a fail safe paint removal formula. Not only is it technically effective but it is also safe with its special formulation being Methyl Chloride free. It does not produce toxic vapours nor damages the target material surface in any way. The combined properties of Peel Tec make it a very popular product for operatives in the Painting and decorating sector while its packaging and easy application make it all the more appealing as a paint remover ‘de rigueur’ to the Construction Industry. It comes in a convenient aerosol type container and is applied as a spray gel via a unique nozzle that delivers the exact amount of product required to the specific targeted area. The fact that it works on practically all materials is a definite bonus and an added attraction for this innovative paint remover. After spraying it on the material base, it will work within ten minutes, eating its way through the layers of paint and leaving a residue that can be peeled away with a scraper. The results are a clean base or surface that is perfectly prepared for a repaint. Peel Tec provides a surface that will receive a smooth coat of paint with no rippling or perceptible blemishes – restoring the occasional table to its original decorative state and keeping its integrity intact.

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