How do I strip paint from a front entrance door?

Finding the most appropriate paint remover for external doors can be a challenging exercise, even for the most experienced painters who are inundated with a plethora of alternative solutions, none of which are perfect. Discovering the right paint remover can be a taxing task in your quest to come up with a product that ticks all the boxes – fast, reliable, vapourless, non toxic, odour free, environmentally friendly, economical and time saving. What is a challenging exercise could become a waste of time if you do not use a paint removal product that prepares the material surface sufficiently to receive a new coat of paint. A Front Entrance Door attracts much attention and a poorly painted finish can detract completely from its overall appearance so it is essential to use a paint stripper that provides a clinically clean surface for a new coat of paint. To achieve the smooth paint finish and lustre of the original job you have to start with a damage free surface that will receive the paint willingly without producing rippling or other defects in the finished coat.

The best formula in safe effective paint removers

Thankfully your quest is at an end – painters’ wishes have been granted in a single product produced by the world of CT1. Their latest product development in the form of Peel Tec is a revolutionary addition to their Snag Eliminator List of premium products to the Construction Industry. The term paint remover has taken on a whole new meaning with CT1’s latest revolutionary invention and has put a new shine on repaint jobs. CT1 product distributors are extolling the virtues and popularity of this paint remover with the increasing uptake of the product by an ever growing customer base. External wood doors, particularly main entrance doors, are scrutinised by visitors and often commented on – regarding the quality of their paintwork. With the recent developing fad for painted front doors on residential dwellings, much focus has been placed on the variety of colours and the quality of their finished painted surfaces – perhaps something to do with the media exposure of the phenomenon of the high gloss paint finish on the front door of Number 10 Downing Street. The paint bar has been set at a very high level by the finish on this iconic door and painters are left with the problem of living up to that standard. They have the unenviable task of replacing tarnished paint surfaces and removing layers of paint in preparation for repaint jobs that are expected to produce lustrous finishes to external doors. The most difficult part of that task has been resolved by CT1’s revolutionary paint remover – Peel Tec. What was normally a time consuming exercise performed with less than perfect products has been reduced to a mere trifle thanks to the development of this safe, odourless, carcinogenic free, highly efficient paint remover that is also time saving and economical.

When you need a powerful but safe paint remover Peel Tec is the answer to all your wishes. Its application from an aerosol requires little effort . You simply spray the required amount onto the door surface leaving it to do its work. Within ten minutes you can quickly scrape off the resulting residue and wipe with a cloth to expose a perfectly clean surface ready to accept a new coat of paint. It will cut through multiple layers of paint to access the base surface without inflicting any damage whatsoever. You then have a clinical base for a new paint application which will provide that original professional paint finish. Peel Tec joins an illustrious list of Snag Eliminators whose reputation has been earned and not paid for. Peel Tec’s can do characteristic makes it an invaluable asset to the Paint and Decorating Industry.

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