How can I remove paint from wood panelling

Wood panelling which has become very popular in houses over the recent past, provides a modern take on centuries old wainscoting and reinvents a wall decor that was popular during the nineteen fifties, sixties and seventies. Whilst having an historical functional role of hiding damp walls or preventing water damage wood panelling is now a purely decorative addition to home interior decor. As a popular style accessory in hallways, it is exposed to direct contact. Wood panelling does take abuse from children’s hands incessantly rubbing against it or footwear scuffing and marking the lower area creating an unsightly mess. The only way to restore its decorative integrity is to repaint it. That presents a problem insofar as the worn paint has to be removed first. While there are a number of options for removing the paint, none of them to date represent a really effective way of doing that. They all have drawbacks including heat treatment which can cause burning and resultant smoke and fumes. Solvents, that were used traditionally, are extremely harsh with chemical constituents that cause health issues whilst mechanical methods, such as sanders, are slow and produce dust which is an undesirable negative side effect of the process. Manual scraper methods are tedious and inefficient. There is now a new revolutionary highly acclaimed paint removal product from C Tec which does the job effectively and safely.

A paint removing product that does exactly what it says on the tin

This amazing solution from C Tec (NI) Ltd is the result of a period of research and development into discovering a paint removing product that actually “ does what it says on the tin”. Its special formulation means that it is Methyl Chloride free, a substance that is known to cause health problems. Its technical prowess means that it can remove paint from multiple surfaces without damage or scuffing to the base material, providing a clinically clean surface for the application of a new coat of paint. Not only is it versatile and safe but it detaches the paint from the target material within ten minutes. The resultant residue can be effortlessly scraped off with a paint scraper leaving a surface that will be truly receptive to a repaint. The product itself comes in a handy aerosol and is delivered to the target surface via a unique nozzle that dispenses the right amount of spray gel to get the job done. The residual peel can be scraped away within ten minutes of the application leaving a clean surface for the repaint.

This unique product is fast acting and does not produce any dangerous vapours or cause any accidental scratching. Thanks to this new revolutionary product, named Peel Tec, we can forget the tedious unsafe methods of removing paint and embrace a new effective, labour saving and safe way to strip paint from practically all materials. The wood panelling can be returned to its original beauty and integrity with an application of this paint removal product that joins the very successful CT1 Snag List Eliminator family designed specifically for the Construction Industry by C Tec. You are sure of a clinically clean surface on the wood panelling that will allow the paint to spread smoothly and stick so avoiding rippling effects or other blemishes that would detract from the desired professional finish.

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