Fixing Swimming Pool Cracks with Waterproof Sealant

If you notice a crack in your swimming pool, it can be quite worrying. A lot of people panic and think that repairing the crack will cost a fortune. However, most swimming pool cracks can be easily and permanently repaired with a high-quality waterproof sealant such as CT1.

There are different kinds of cracks and it’s important to know what type you are dealing with. The first one is check cracks in the plaster and those that run through the actual pool shell. Plastered pools often develop very thin, hairline cracks in the surface. These can be easily fixed and are usually nothing to worry about. On the other hand, larger cracks that run deeper will need more attention to avoid further damage and serious leaks.

Why do swimming pool cracks occur?

There are many different reasons to explain why a crack has developed in your swimming pool. In some cases, the crack has appeared because there has been a slight shift in the earth that surrounds the pool. However, this type of crack is quite rare. One of the more common reasons why a crack appears in a swimming pool is because of general cosmetic reasons. Cracks left unattended will worsen and grow deeper and larger over time. This can cause even more damage and it also may be the source of a leak in the future.

How to fix a swimming pool crack with waterproof sealant

Regular sealants will require you to drain your pool and wait until the area has dried before applying the sealant to repair the crack. This is very time consuming and the sealants are usually not as effective as they claim to be. In most cases, the problem is solved for only a short time and will eventually need a re-visit a few months or even weeks down the line.

The best way to repair a crack in your swimming pool is by using a high-quality, flexible and durable waterproof sealant such as CT1. Our revolutionary construction sealant is 100% water resistant and non-absorbent. This means you can repair swimming pool cracks with the sealant in both wet and dry conditions. It works underwater, which means you can take the CT1 cartridge beneath the water’s surface and use it to repair the damage instantly.

Directly apply the sealant to the crack and wipe away any excess sealant as required. Once the sealant has cured, the crack is fixed. It’s as simple as that. CT1 is also chemical and bacteria resistant, which makes it ideal in damp and wet conditions. It doesn’t grow mould on its surface, which is why it is a very popular sealant for use in bathrooms and other wet rooms. It’s also great for repairing leaks and cracks on boats because it creates a fast-acting bond and can be used in sea water.

CT1 – The ultimate waterproof sealant for repairing swimming pool cracks and leaks

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