Fixing Emergency Gutter Leaks with a Waterproof Sealant

Gutter leaks usually require your immediate attention. If they are left unfixed, the leak can grow bigger and you may need to remove and replace the entire gutter as a result. This is of course the worst case scenario since it costs money to replace gutters. It’ll cost even more to hire professionals to carry out the job. So, if you want to avoid all of this hassle, you need to know how to repair an emergency gutter leak with a trusted, waterproof sealant.

CT1 is the best gutter leak repair sealant currently available in the market. Whilst there are a huge range of potential gutter sealants available in your local hardware store, only one of these actually does what it says on the tin! CT1 is a professional construction sealant, adhesive and filler, that people all over the world swear by. Most gutter sealants are silicone based. This means that they contain extremely high levels of solvents within their formulation, which basically means they are doomed to fail.

Gutter sealants with solvent based compositions end up shrinking over time because the solvent within the formula has evaporated, which eventually leads to the sealant shrinking. Because of this shrinkage, the original bond created to seal the broken gutter is compromised. This means that the gutter is at risk and all it takes is a simple clog of leaves or a rough few days of rain to cause the leak to re-open and grow even worse than before.

To avoid this situation, it is better to use CT1, the ultimate gutter sealant. Unlike silicone based sealants, CT1 has excellent resistance and can withstand various temperatures and weather conditions. It will not lose the strength of its bond, no matter how hot or cold its surroundings may be. VT1 is a revolutionary hybrid polymer formulation that contains no solvents and therefore will never shrink or crack. It contains a formidable bond strength of 270 n/cm².

When using CT1 to repair broken gutters, it’s a good idea to help prevent future leaks by cleaning the gutters. Remove dirt, moss, twigs and leaves from the gutter and go in with Multisolve. This is the ultimate solvent to help clean oil, grease, dirt and other forms of adhesives from the gutter. This helps to prepare the area for treatment, enabling you to apply new sealant to help stop the leak at the root of the problem.

What makes CT1 ideal for repairing gutter leaks is the fact that it is water resistant, this means you do not have to wait for the gutter to dry before applying the sealant. Simply take the cartridge of CT1 and apply it straight from the container. The leak will stop almost immediately and you can even apply this sealant under water, which is why it is so often used for boating maintenance and repairs.

CT1 – The Ultimate Gutter Sealant.

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