Fix “Roof Window’s” leaking lead flashing with WT1

An effective repair for leaking lead flashing                   

It is noticeable that the lead flashing supplied with certain Roof Windows is rather thin and susceptible to breaking and cracking with age, temperature fluctuations and weather extremes. If you find yourself in this situation where your roof window lead flashing is leaking, do not panic, all is not lost. WT1 is the ideal solution for sealing cracked lead and it can be applied straight from the tin by a handyman or a professional as you determine.

Highly acclaimed sealant that is effective

The scope of the repairs will discriminate the appropriate course of action in terms of labour – either professional or DIY. Of course the repair results need to be totally efficient to ensure that there will be no necessity to revisit the issue once resolved. What makes this industrial sealant ideal for this application is its spreadability as a solvent-free sealant combined with its ability to form an impervious seal that is automatically watertight. Its incredible adhesion to practically any surface guarantees a leak-free solution to a leak problem and its efficacy is lauded universally across many European countries attesting its claim as one of the best products available to the Construction Industry. This assertion has lots of substance in reality where numerous tradespeople have extolled its virtues as the ideal sealant. They have praised its versatility as the best sealant for practically all applications with emphasis placed on the water tight aspect of the resultant seal.

Advanced Technical qualities and capabilities

The competition that used to exist has all but disappeared due to non compliance with health and safety regulations leaving the sealant arena dominated by C Tec’s revolutionary product which lives up entirely to its testimonial prowess. Its popularity from a trades perspective extends to other sectors beyond the construction industry, particularly the Commercial sphere and highlights its uses in different contexts outside of the building trades. Its chemical structure combines polymer and polyurethane elements and is proven to outperform conventional membranes to provide a 100% seal that ensures health and safety compliance  and respects environmental concerns and legislation. It has particularly good adhesion to brick, stone, polyester,lead, metals and plastics and  remains stable with weather fluctuations without any shrinking or cracking. A vital feature of this sealant is its capacity to form a unified membrane on surfaces to replace existing susceptible roofing membranes.

Application is very easy

As regards its application it stands top of the pile as market leader since it pours straight from the tin onto the target surface and can be spread quite easily with the appropriate tool – trowel, brush or brushlike applicator. It has been used on very large projects such as football terracing and flat factory and office roofs with completely successful results. In these instances C Tec’s sealant provided a 100% watertight seal where alternative products had been tried and failed. Customers were ecstatically happy with the outcomes and highlighted the savings they were making with such a cost effective sealant. Comparable to its stable companions – C Tec’s Snag List Eliminator Inventory of Sealant/Adhesive products –  it can be used in conjunction with these complimentary creations to perform a thoroughly professional repair that will last. The upside in this particular application of WT1 is the homeowner’s delight with a cost effective solution to repairing leaking lead flashing at their Roof window – with no hidden or extensive costs for labour or the requirement of other materials. Another positive feature of the product is its ability to be painted over and its acceptance of substrates such as tiles. A truly magical product that is taking the construction industry by storm.