Fix problematic solar panels with Miracle Seal

Leak issues develop in tubing

Ubiquitous Solar Panels are increasingly becoming an integral part of modern roofing installation providing potential off-grid energy to satisfy our growing need for cheaper and greener electricity. Their environmental impact which is negligible, conforms to the universal desire to reduce our carbon footprint and adds weight to the argument  for embracing clean, renewable, energy producing systems that will take centre stage into the future.Like all physical structures they require maintenance which can be a difficult process considering their usual lofty position on the roof. In addition there is the problem of accessing the many metres of tubing concealed beneath the solar panels where leakages can occur through weakness or clogging.

Simple effective repair

Addressing and repairing problematic solar systems has become a much more simple procedure thanks to a revolutionary new water leak sealant  – Miracle Seal. This chemically advanced solution has been designed and manufactured to do what other conventional sealants already do but with the added feature of sealing the leaks without clogging up the piping or tubing in the solar heating system. Miracle Seal has a host of features that are not only environmentally friendly but also comply with health and safety regulations. These vulnerabilities in other sealants that do not conform to government controls makes them unusable and eliminates them immediately from your sealant choice. This uniquely formulated product is compatible with all types of water based coolants and is resistant to chemicals.

Totally effective versatile solution

Very often sealants have been defined and described as ideal for emergency repairs but Miracle Seal offers that application and also the assurance of a permanent solution. If solar panels had to be dismantled, repaired or replaced with new ones and then refitted, the costs would be astronomical and indeed perhaps prohibitive for some householders.With this new sealant product, leaks are cured without the use of adhesive – the fluid chemical formulation performing the task of sealing holes anywhere in the network of tubes with no adhesive in the solution.That is one of the reasons why it does not clog up the pipes and cause further system damage. This excellent sealant, from the highly acclaimed and successful range of sealant/adhesives designed and manufactured by C Tec, can proudly take its place among its stablemate products as an efficient and effective water leak sealant protecting against corrosion and limescale formation

Sealant is easy to apply

The application of this sealant is a very simple procedure – simply shake the container for sixty seconds and pour it into the header or feeder  tank from which the solution will filter through the system curing any leaks as it travels around the network of tubes. It is essential to ensure that you always have a home supply of Miracle Seal to take care of any leak situations in your solar panels, should they arise. It makes sense to keep your panels in good working order and to ensure that you are able to benefit from the electrical energy or warm water generated by the solar system on your roof.

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