How to fix a Metal Post Box to a Stone Wall or Pillar

The perfect solution for installation           

Mounting a post box on a stone wall has become an easy task with Power Grab N Bond. No more head scratching over what drill bit to use or how to keep the drill holes level. Simply apply four dollops of this revolutionary bonding to the corners on the backside of the post box and push firmly against the wall on the chosen area of installation. Though Bonding is instant and prevents any downward slippage it still allows for movement so the post box can be placed exactly the way you want it. This is a far cry from the traditional method of having to mark and drill holes in the stone ensuring they are in line. Then there were attendant issues such as choosing the correct size of masonry bit and keeping the drill bit in the exact location while drilling the hole. Another problem with this method of installation was compensating for the uneven stone surface by screw-fixing the post box to the wall in order to offset this.  Very little room was left for manoeuvre in the eventuality of the drill holes not being level with one another. It depended totally on how accommodating the pre-drilled holes in the post box actually were to compensate for drill slippage and hole misalignment. DIY enthusiasts gave a sigh of relief when they first used C Tec’s miraculous adhesive to attach their post box to their exterior stone wall or pillar.

Fantastic adhesive qualities              

This miraculously unique solvent free construction adhesive provides a gentle fix but an astronomically powerful bond. Its formulation, based on C Tec’s unique hybrid polymer product CT1 provides a high UV and a resistance to all types of weather and most chemicals. Just like its stablemate CTI it remains flexible in all conditions and is impervious to any change through movement or vibration. Once in situ your post box will remain as solid as a rock against your stone wall and will be resistant to any amount of touching from children or others. Its vertical grip will last as long as the wall itself thanks to the products exceptionally high initial grab and its incredible waterproof bond. The only overrider is C Tec’s advice to use it in conjunction with their Superfast Activator Plus which seals porous stone thus providing the ideal surface for perfect product bonding. From a Health and Safety perspective Power grab N Bond complies fully with Directives and all regulations ensuring a safe environment for all those in close contact with the post box – particularly children.

The future of efficient adhesives is here now

There is no doubt that the future of fixing rests in the reliable metaphorical hands of C Tec’s Power Grab N Bond. The product actually works in line with customer expectations. All of the conventional concerns regarding issues with the traditional methods of fixing post boxes to stone walls are now obsolete.  Completed jobs using this miracle adhesive provided a 100% approval rating. The ease and cleanliness of the application procedure was commended as was the fast curing time. The Construction Industry is highly appreciative of this revolutionary industrial adhesive which is receiving rave reviews from tradesmen and DIY customers across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

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