How to fix leaking concrete football terracing with WT1

The current leak problem requires an effective sealing solution

Concrete terracing can develop leaks, creating issues surrounding the best fix solution. Should the terracing be in a football stadium then repairs are essentially an immediate necessity before more serious damage can be inflicted. This is particularly pertinent in small football clubs where finances are tight and unaccounted expenditure is prohibitive. Serious fallout from the general concrete erosion and corrosion situation will in all probability involve inward leaking with rainwater dripping

into changing rooms or corridors below. This is a scenario requiring an immediate effective and permanent repair that will guarantee a dry football stand into the future. There are a number of incalculable  possible consequences arising from this situation such as having to close the stand which could effectively close the club down. This makes the need for immediate solutions all the more pressing.

 A sticking plaster is not a solution                

Historically, clubs with similar difficulties have simply patched the problem with the metaphorical “sticking plaster” which works for a short period – until the next shower of heavy rain or period of inclement weather arrives. Many sealants have been tried to resolve the problem, but unsuccessfully, in similar situations,  which has created an impossible position for the football clubs involved. Clubs on the cusp of closing their stand and therefore losing their supporter attendance by more than half, with the knock on effect of reduced gate takings, have been reduced to complete despair. It could even sound the death knell for those clubs already in financial difficulty. The only cure is to cover the entire concrete area with a sealant membrane that is effectively watertight and will provide a lasting solution to the problem.

Qualities that make it the most effective solution on the market

A miraculous product that not only seals efficiently but waterproofs effectively is now thankfully available to those in need. WT1 from the CTec stable that has also designed and produced CT1 – the Snag List Eliminator, is proving to be the most effective sealant adhesive that has ever appeared on the market and is endorsed by a growing number of European builder suppliers and the construction industry in general. In combination with other compatible C Tec adhesive products such as CT1 and Power N grab Bond,  WT1 heads the Snag List Eliminator Inventory in creating the perfect sealant adhesive for repairing damaged concrete terracing. This newly formulated compound, a mixture of polymer and polyurethane has excellent bonding qualities and adheres to practically any surface, creating a waterproof membrane that is impervious to all weather conditions.  It contains no solvents and is non toxic – extremely necessary qualities for a sealant applied in an area which football supporters will frequent. The Health and Safety considerations aside, this sealant adhesive actually does what it says on the tin.

Single application does the trick

One application in the required density is sufficient to resolve the leak problem and allows for the attachment of substrates such as decking or more suitably in this particular case, duckboards as seating for the football supporters. The cured WT1 surface has tremendous anti-slip qualities which would be a ‘de rigueur’ criteria for football terracing in terms of spectator safety and Insurance indemnity demands.

Easy application – spraying, brushing or trowelling

The surface can be covered in duck boarding with the capable assistance of complementary C Tec adhesive products such as Power Grab N Bond and CT1. Alternatively the surface may also be rendered if desired and or painted as WT1 accepts most paints. By sealing the terracing with this waterproofed sealant you also waterproof the changing rooms below the stand, reinstating the area to its original integrity. WT1’s ability to resist chemicals, movement, extreme temperatures and general weather conditions ensures that it retains its adhesive sealant characteristics with no degradation or chemical changes that might affect its molecular structure and its overall effectiveness. In such instances the financial saving between reinstating the stand or replacing it has been a life saving event for the clubs and they are ecstatically happy with this miracle sealant’s saving grace. Tools and substrates can be cleaned very easily with Multisolve, a complimentary product from CTec.

Once you witness its sealing efficiency, you will always have a supply in hand to solve those water leak problems that can arise at any time around the home or workplace.

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