Fix a leaking shower

A common question every householder will ask at some stage is “How do I fix a Leaking Shower?” This is quite a common problem in the everyday household, which is why it is a good idea to know exactly how to fix the leak. A leaking shower can be a huge imposition as many homes have only one shower installed in their home. Many people don’t want to wait around for a repair man to come and then charge a huge bill at the end of his visit, which is why you can save a lot of money if your tackle the leakage yourself.

A typical assumption is to attribute the blame to the installer rather than the instalment products used. In actual fact, instalment products used are the main cause of the Leaking Shower or leaking Bath problems. When installing a shower tray, typically it is sealed with a conventional silicone. It is within this silicone sealant that the problem lies. Silicone in its nature has to shrink over time, causing the Leaking Shower in the first place. With continual change in temperature and continued exposure to water, this will cause the silicone to lose its adhesion resulting in a Leaking Shower.

The only solution to this problem is CT1 the Snag List Eliminator. CT1 is NOT a silicone but a unique hybrid polymer for ultimate sealing and bonding. Therefore, it will not shrink or crack like other silicone based sealants. This makes our product a lot more trustworthy and beneficial to the user because it will provide better results on a long term basis.

Why is CT1 so effective in curing a Leaking Shower problem?

Firstly, it can be applied in wet conditions and it can even be used underwater. CT1 is often found on board boats and ships to tackle any emergency leaks that could take place when out at sea. Such a powerful sealant is ideal for fixing a leaking bath or leaking shower because once applied, this unique sealant will seal immediately.

Secondly, CT1 has an unbelievable bonding capacity that will not change with change of temperature or continued exposure to water. This means that it will provide a strong bond that will stand the test of time as well as excessive amounts of water. Another great aspect to this sealant is the fact that it is 100% bacterial and fungal resistant. This means that bacteria will not breed on the surface and mould will not develop over time.

Thirdly, it will remain flexible, allowing for expansion and contraction without affecting the seal. This fascinating sealant with its extraordinary flexible capabilities, allows for ultimate movement of the materials used. In addition to this, CT1 will expand and contract. Accommodating movement is one of the most desirable traits of a construction adhesive and sealant. As long as you have a handy cartridge of CT1 in your home, you can rest assured knowing that if any leaks where to arise in the future, you have the right tool for the job.

Prevention is always less expensive than cure.

CT1 is that prevention for a Leaking Shower or Bath.


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