Fix a leaking roof

When a householder experiences a Leaking Roof, normally a touch of panic sets in at the thought of the cost of fixing the Leaking Roof. Material costs are minimal in comparison to the cost of labour associated with fixing a Leaking Roof.

In such a large area a leak can spring up almost anywhere and it is normally caused by base sealing materials degrading, shrinking or cracking. For example, a leak can occur when lead flashing sealed onto brick with a silicone sealant has shrunk over time. Another cause of a leaking roof is that the roof felt at the pitch of the roof has become brittle following continued exposure to U.V.

These are only a few of the many causes of Leaking Roofs. The next problem that arises following the appearance of a leaking roof is finding the right solution. You need to take into consideration the types of traits a sealant and adhesive for the job should embody. For example, if the roof becomes brittle when exposed to U.V, it makes sense to invest in a product that is U.V resistant, such as CT1. No matter the weather, this product will not give up its hold or lose its initial grab power. It is the perfect leaking roof sealant.

The 100% cure for a leaking roof or leaking gutter is the one and only CT1 The Snag List Eliminator.

You might wonder how CT1 obtained such a confident reputation as this. After years of research and development, CT1 meets the growing need for an all-powerful sealant, adhesive and filler in just one cartridge. On many occasions, it has proved itself to be the best sealant on the market, providing fast, effective and long lasting results.

CT1 has a unique ability to be applied in wet conditions and even underwater. It has been used to seal boating leaks and therefore is more than eligible to tackle a leaking roof problem. The product itself is very easy to use as it provides a fast and flexible solution. It is the ideal D.I.Y product as anyone can use it without needing much previous experience. Usually, D.I.Y enthusiasts would steer clear of attempting to repair a Leaking Roof due to the fire risk of using a blow torch to patch up roof felt. With CT1 however, this is simply not the case, nor is it necessary.

With CT1 in hand, it’s possible to save hundreds of pounds on labour costs in fixing a Leaking Roof by doing it yourself using CT1 The Snag List Eliminator. CT1 will not only tackle the initial problem at hand, it will also prevent further leakages in the future. Once you complete a job with our sealant, you never again have to return to the same dilemma further down the line.

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