Fix a Leaking Pond

A garden pond is both pleasing to the eye and a therapeutic addition to a garden. However, trying to continually contain the water can be challenging, hence the question frequently asked – How do I fix my Leaking Pond?

The cause of the Leaking Pond normally lies at the rupture of the butyl rubber lining. This is often caused when installing. A small nick in the rubber will elongate over time, only making itself known when it’s too late. Once you discover the problem, you will need a water resistant adhesive or sealant that will fill the hole or crack etc. and properly repair it.

Conventionally, the Leaking Pond will have to be drained to make the repair with a rubber based solution. The Pond cannot be refilled for at least 24 hours. C-Tec have a far superior method of repairing the annoying costly Leaking Pond problem. CT1 the snag list eliminator is the perfect solution for Leaking Ponds. It is also able to fix leaking roofs, swimming pools and other repair jobs needed in wet or damp conditions.

The reason for this is because CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer for ultimate sealing and bonding in wet conditions and even underwater. The solution is able to resist water damage and can be applied directly onto the problem area without having to spend hours draining the entire pond before application. Most other sealants and adhesives don’t just require the pond to be drained, but also need the surface area to be completely dry before it can adhere correctly. However, with CT1 you no longer have this problem. Simply locate the source of the leak and apply CT1 straight from the cartridge into the Pond and apply over the nick or tear. Immediately no more Leaking Pond.

Another cause of a Leaking Pond is the decorative bricks or slabs used to surround the top of the Pond where the mortar shrinks or cracks causing the Pond to Leak. CT1 will act as a strong construction adhesive enabling a strong flexible bond between the stone and butyl rubber. This completely solves the problem and will repair any pond leaks that arise. As long as you have a handy CT1 cartridge in your toolbox, you’ll no longer have to spend money on multiple tools, draining the pool or hiring someone else to come and do the job for you. CT1 is easy to use and requires little to no effort to apply. Results are long-lasting and because CT1 is chemical resistant, containing no solvents in its makeup, your fish will be completely safe. Of course, it is advisable to remove fish from the pond during the application process but once the seal has been made, they can return home to swim in a pond without leaks!

So there you have it, when you have a Leaking Pond – Think CT1!


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