Fit granite slabs with Power Grab N Bond

Granite Slabs add to the aesthetics

Many people with a healthy budget and in the process of  building expensive new homes are opting for granite slabs as a decorative finish to focal parts of their exterior walls. It is normally a feature surrounding the front entrance to enhance the overall appearance of the house and it comes at a price of course. It can be a double edged sword with not only the financial burden of the cost of the granite but also the expense of the skilled labour to have it installed.

Vertical slab fitting is challenging

Stone Masons are notoriously expensive due in large part to the particularity of their skill set. Installing or applying the granite slabs to bare block or rough plastered mortar can be a task requiring experience especially if the granite has to be cut and shaped. However where the granite comes in pre-cut slabs to be simply fitted straight onto the wall a handy DIY operator could fit them with some due care and a healthy application of Power Grab N Bond. This is not to underestimate the challenge of vertical fitting but to endorse the bonding strength and ease of application of this miraculous compound. The addition of natural stone or granite to embellish and enrich the facade of any building is really worth the effort so employing skilled labour to accomplish the work is also worth the expense, if a DIY operation is not viable.

The ideal bonding solution from C Tec

It is gratifying to know that by using C Tec’s bonding formula you are actually saving on time and therefore labour costs. The bonding installation process is much faster than the drill and screw fix and the follow up plaster finishing operation. Tradesmen are very appreciative of this heavy duty solvent free construction adhesive as a valuable time saver in the granite slab installation process and they find that the finished job is every bit as good and in many instances better than the traditional drill and screw fix. This is music to house builders’ ears as on an economy of scale they can afford to decorate their homes with stone more extensively including quoins on all corners of their house, at a reduced overall cost.

Superior technical features of Power Grab N Bond

A very practical and attractive feature of C Tec’s miraculous industrial style adhesive is its capacity to grab and hold heavy articles in place even in a vertical installation whilst preventing slippage. This is a very useful quality as it  allows valuable time to jiggle and position the slab neatly into its required location. Subsequently curing  happens quickly providing a lasting bond that even a heavy hammer will not break. Other commendable characteristics that make it such a popular product includes its ability to resist vibration, UV rays, most chemicals and weather extremes. It fulfils obligations on environmental friendliness criteria as well as Health and Safety requirements by complying with all related directives and regulations –  features that set it apart and above any conceivable competition in the sector. Other plausible qualities include fungus resistance, rapid setting with no discernible shrinkage and its neutral effect on synthetic materials. An amazing adhesive product that has the Construction Industry in a spin – a single effective heavy duty adhesive for all your bonding requirements, particularly vertical granite slab attachment to building facades.


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