Filling in Holes and Cracks on Walls: A How-to Guide

Walls that have cracks or halls on the surface require some extra attention to solve the persistent problem. Not only are cracks unsightly, but they can also be quite dangerous. If you are worried about the condition of your walls, you should call in a professional to examine the area. However, if you simply need to fill in a few minor cracks and holes, then we know just the solution.

CT1 is a filler, sealant and adhesive – in one cartridge! It seals cracks on roofs, floors and walls with no problem, making it the perfect filler choice when it comes to repairing cracks on walls. Before applying your filler, you need to prepare the area for application. This shouldn’t take too long and largely depends on the condition of the wall.

Preparing the Crack

If there is a lot of loose material around the crack, take some time to clean the surface. You may need to take a craft knife or blade to help remove stubborn debris. Take your time with this and do so carefully. If you are struggling with this stage of the process, try running your knife along the crack with the sharp edge pointing towards the wall. Do this to the left and then the right to create a type of inverted V shape. This will make it easier to apply the filler and ensures that no unwanted debris or dust will get in the way. Take a cloth and wipe away any excess before going in with your sealant.

Applying CT1 Filler

CT1 is a flexible filler, which means it can bend, expand and shrink as required without giving up the quality or strength of the product. It comes with a thin nozzle for accurate application and precision. This helps the user reach the problem area, no matter how difficult or complicated the angle might be. Once the crack has been filled, you can use a sponge or your finger to smooth the area for a smooth finish.

Painting CT1

After the filler has cured, and the cracks have been properly filled, you may want to paint over the product to help it blend better into the wall and its surroundings. Thankfully, CT1 can be painted with any paint, which means you can match the colour with the rest of the wall and nobody will ever notice it’s there in the first place!

Advantages of CT1

CT1 comes with a huge list of advantages. It is odourless and chemical resistant, making one of the safest sealants available in the market. The unique formula of this fantastic sealant and adhesive means that it will never shrink or crack, which is exactly what you need for this kind of application. You can find out more about this wonderful product and even witness it in use by viewing the video on its product page which you can find right here.

CT1 – The best filler for repairing wall cracks