Fast effective hose pipe repairs with Miracle Seal

First signs of a water hose leak

Most motorists have experienced hose pipe leaks in the coolant system of their vehicle at some point of their driving life. This phenomenon is particularly cogent in older cars where wear and tear can cause eventual degradation in rubber water hoses. The natural thing to do is have the offending hose pipe replaced as quickly as possible before serious damage can be inflicted on the engine through water loss in the system and consequent engine overheating. The issue for motorists is often being caught short when the leaking problem suddenly comes apparent. The immediate solution in such situations is to have a bottle of Miracle Seal always in the car to effect immediate repairs in the event of a leaking hose and to pre-empt a potential crisis turning into a drama.

Frustrations of a mechanical breakdown

Invariably it always seems to happens well away from any garage workshop or immediate mechanical  help – Murphy’s law in operation- and often causes immediate alarm accompanied by panicked stress. Leaking water from the coolant system normally sounds alarm bells and the majority of motorists would recognise the potential seriousness of the situation which could have disastrous effects if not quickly remediated. The predicament is how to resolve the problem instantly and gain time so the car can be driven to a garage where repairs can be effected professionally. Most motorists are savvy enough to appreciate the potential danger of leaking water hoses and how loss of coolant from the system could result in engine overheating and possible irreparable damage to the engine. That would be a very costly mistake for the unsuspecting motorist.

Instant repairs with a magical sealing product

The instant cure is C Tec’s new revolutionary sealant Miracle Seal which emanates from their stable of reputable universally endorsed sealant/adhesive products. What makes it revolutionary is its chemical structure which produces a product that is compatible with different water based coolants and continues to seal the leak in the presence of anti-freeze. It also possesses other positive factors such as its ability not to clog up the radiator, water pump, pipes or water channels – which make it water coolant system friendly. It contains lubrication additives that help prolong the seals and bearings in the water pump and extend the life of hoses and also contains anti-corrosion additives that inhibits rusting and clogging up of the coolant system’s various parts. Where fast emergency repairs are required this sealant is ideal for sealing small leaks throughout the whole coolant system, infiltrating every nook and cranny to effect repairs to each and every leak. In the event of minor leaks Miracle Seal can provide a permanent solution to the water leak problem so avoiding any expensive replacement of hoses or other working parts.

Tried and tested outcomes

This is an excellent product where you are dealing with classic or older cars, where leakage problems in the coolant system are bound to arise at some point. It will stop the leak instantaneously and prevent further related mechanical problems that could arise from simply ignoring the situation and allowing the leak to worsen to the extent where lasting damage could be caused.

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