Most efficient method of removing sticky plastic tape from a glass surface

Problem solving with an efficient solvent

Removing sticky tape from a shop window can be a difficult process. No matter how hard you try to remove all vestiges of the offending tape there always seems to be a light scum or film left on the glass. Removing the residual film proves to be a very time consuming and labour intensive operation that can be frustrating in the extreme and ultimately is not a cost effective process. An operative’s time could be better and more profitably spent performing other more productive tasks. The question is – how to remove the sticky tape more efficiently  and so resolve the frustrating issues surrounding the less effective tried and tested methods. The answer lies in a new revolutionary product that will quickly remove the tape with no adhesive residue left behind. Multisolve, designed and manufactured by C Tec performs exactly as it name suggests.

Removing residual greasy film

It is a multipurpose adhesive, sealant, oil, grease remover that works fast and efficiently, leaving a clean surface free of any detritus or residual greasy film. To apply the Multisolve, you simply spray it directly from the container onto the target area and leave it momentarily to dissolve the adhesive. You can remove the plastic sticker with a fine blade and then wipe clean with a lint free cloth, leaving  a totally clean stain free glass surface. This exemplary commercial scenario is transferable to other similar situations across different economic sectors such as the automotive and construction industries where there is a constant need for an effective oil and grease remover. As it is completely safe to use on glass due to its constituent chemical structure and presents no health hazards, it is an ideal product for use on glass surfaces around the home. When you consider how frequently children attach stickers to windows in their bedrooms or living room, Multisolve would be a life saver, metaphorically,  removing unwanted or outdated stickers in those particular situations. It is a fast safe solution for removing the offending stickers and a method that does not include any fear factor regarding the application of new stickers that will no doubt have to also be removed at some later date.

Special product features       

Multisolve’s compliance with health and safety regulations adds to its credibility as a versatile health-safe fast multipurpose solvent degreaser that leaves no oily film or greasy residue and provides an extra layer of standards conformity that make it a very popular and efficient product. This versatile solvent removes  materials such as sealants, adhesives, silicone, wax, tar, paraffin, and printing ink. It is fast, thorough, safe and economical and is recommended to be used with all C Tec adhesives and sealants. It is an ideal product for all trades such as Plumbers, Shopfitters, Tilers, Upholsterers, Joiners, Builders, Stonemasons, Electricians and many more. Mums can rest easy safe in the knowledge that their children can enjoy their glass mounted stickers throughout the home without compromising the cosmetics of their interior decor. There are no worries of having to endure permanently stained window surfaces and other glass areas such as feature partition glass walls from sticker adhesive residue. It is also beneficial to recognise that Multisolve can be used effectively in other situations in the home for example  removing oily gunge from door hinges in preparation for relubricating them. As with all other C Tec products it is very worth while having a supply of Multisolve to resolve all those issues around the home that we have outlined.

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