How to effectively seal a hairline crack in an engine

What to do in the event of an engine problem                              

If you develop a hairline crack in your engine block the addition of Miracle Seal to your coolant system can give you time to have the problem diagnosed and rectified before more serious damage occurs to the engine through overheating. Loss of coolant in the system, if not stymied, could effectively lead to engine seizure and the consequent expense of purchasing and fitting a replacement engine. It is much better to be wise before the event than after and save yourself unnecessary expense.To ignore a crack in your engine block until such times as it develops into a major engine problem is inexcusable – a real example of the proverbial ostrich burying its head in the sand.

C Tec have the solution for emergency repairs

Miracle Seal is a revolutionary sealing product from C Tec’s Snag List Eliminator Inventory which is ideal for fast emergency repairs in domestic, commercial and automotive systems. It has been proven to seal hairline cracks in engine blocks preventing any deterioration in the engine system and the car’s performance. This repair can be permanent in many instances but most motorists will have the coolant system checked by qualified engineers to assess the extent of the problem and to advise on the best solution going forward.

Positive sealing qualities  

Adding the sealant to the coolant system is a very simple and effective process. It is guaranteed not to block up the system thanks to a revolutionary new formula. It contains lubrication additives and anti-corrosion rust inhibitors that prevent the system from clogging up. It is also compatible with all types of water based coolants and is not adversely affected by anti-freeze enabling it to form a permanent seal. Having a container of this sealant in your boot or spare wheel compartment is a wise investment for all motorists.

Cause, effect and solution   

Hairline cracks in engine blocks can occur for a number of reasons but usually it is due to stress in the system caused by overheating. The causal  reason is of little relevance to the unfortunate motorist faced with the immediate problem of how to resolve the issue. They simply want an instant solution, even if it is temporary but buys enough time to get the vehicle to a garage workshop for professional assessment and effective repairs before any unwelcome permanent damage happens. Miracle Seal is the ideal solution in providing an adequate seal and allowing plenty of time to have the problem addressed on a more professional footing. Its application can reduce the stress of not knowing how serious the problem is and the unknown quantity of what other damage might be done by continuing to drive the vehicle with no immediate remediation of the issue, temporary or otherwise. C Tec have intuitively provided the motorist with a sealant product that will immediately remediate engine block hairline cracks and will save motorists a lot of money in the process.

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