The most effective repair for a leaking automotive water pump

An efficient solution exists

A leaking water pump is not normally associated with a new or relatively new motor vehicle but  not exclusively so. The infrequent rogue water pump can escape factory quality control checks or develop a problem whilst in a holding area awaiting export or delivery to the brand franchise. In the unlikely event of you being the purchaser of such a car and only discovering the fault some time after, it would be indispensable to have a sealant at hand that can perform an efficient temporary seal until a professional mechanic does a diagnostic check and replaces the offending water pump back at the distributorship. Miracle Seal is a revolutionary sealant available to the automotive, construction and commercial industries. In a cliched phrase – “it does exactly what it says on the tin” – and embodies the ideal solution for repairing a leaking motor water pump or any other part of an automotive coolant system where leakage is occurring, for example: hoses and radiators.

Always have a supply of Miracle Seal to hand

For motorists who are driving older cars there is always a greater possibility of leaks developing in the coolant system. Ever mindful of Murphy’s Law, drivers invariably discover these unwanted and unexpected problems at the most inopportune time. When the problem arises it seems to happen invariably in some remote location or off the beaten track, far from a garage workshop or any immediate mechanical help. RAC or AA membership is a definite plus on such occasions.You can have the vehicle towed to the nearest repair centre, or if feasible have it repaired on the spot- depending on the mechanical issue and what spare parts they carry. Whatever the scenario there is a certain apprehension raised by the prospect of an unexpected and unscheduled expense to either repair or replace the water pump. How much more convenient and inexpensive would it be to have a container of Miracle Seal at hand, available and capable of effecting an efficient solution to any water pump leak. The solution can be permanent depending on the complexity of the leak and will remain effective long into the future avoiding any serious financial outlay in the resolution of the problem.

Plausible sealant features

This sealant is another product in C Tec’s inventory of highly acclaimed sealants and adhesives manufactured specifically for the construction, industrial and commercial sectors. Its chemical formula make it the perfect fit for sealing water leaks in coolant systems since it contains lubrication additives which help to prolong the life expectancy of seals and bearings in water pumps and to protect rubber water hoses from degradation. Due to its revolutionary new formula this sealant will not clog up the system and is compatible with all types of water based coolants. It is not affected adversely by anti-freeze and will continue to function to seal any leaks in its presence. Leaks are sealed instantly and in the case of minor leaks repair can be permanent in both automotive and domestic circumstances.

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