Effective removal of degraded silicone from a shower unit with Multisolve

Initial attempt to remove silicone

When silicone seals around a shower unit show signs of leaking it is time to remove the ineffectual sealant and replace it with a fresh efficient seal. That however is easier said than done as testified  historically by those using outdated methods to painstakingly remove the defective sealant – very often with little success. There always seemed to be a residual light film of silicone left behind after brave attempts to remove the sealant completely were thwarted by poor silicone removal product performance. The consequence of a totally unclean surface is a less than satisfactory repair job with the replacement silicone unable to gain effective adhesion on wall tiles that are not totally clean due to the film left from the old sealant removal. This added issue could in effect render any new sealant ineffective which would just pile frustration upon frustration and prevent a permanent solution to the initial leaking silicone problem. There is however a revolutionary product now available that can reverse that frustrating situation.

A revolutionary solvent to remove silicones, sealants and residues

C Tec Multisolve is a multi-purpose solvent that safely removes adhesives and sealants. It comes from the same stable of Adhesive/Sealant Snag List Eliminator products that are gaining traction throughout Europe with the Construction and related industries as must have products to all the major trades. This solvent enables the clean removal of worn or damaged silicone seals with no resultant surface film or residues, allowing the effective application of replacement sealant. It is a spray applicant and is easy to apply to the target area leaving it for a minute or two to work its magic before removing the worn silicone with a blade. The silicone will peel off with little resistance leaving a nice clinical result and a joint free of any detritus.The shower tiles adjacent to the shower unit/tile joint will be free of any residual silicone film and cleanly presented in preparation for a fresh application of sealant.

Reseal joints with CT1  

The secret to ensuring a lasting waterproofed joint is to use  CT1 sealant, another complimentary  product from the manufacturers – C Tec. Its proven efficacy as a revolutionary efficient sealant will provide the assurance of a long lasting shower unit seal that will guarantee  leak free joints and peace of mind well into the future. Should your shower seal lose its efficiency as a waterproofing agent or begin to look ragged and worn  you now have an instant solution for removing it efficiently and effortlessly. Multisolve will also resolve many other unrelated problems both on a domestic and on a  commercial level as a grease or oil remover. It is also excellent for removing tar stains and double sided sticky tape. In effect it is a valued asset to  the industrial cleaning industry and to the automotive trade where there is an ever increasing need for efficient oil and grease removers. C Tec’s miracle solvent has certain green credentials as well as health and safety regulatory conformity that make it a safe compliant product and adds to its overall credibility as a premium performance product.


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