What is the Most Effective Construction Sealant?

Finding the best construction sealant for your adhesive needs can be a serious struggle. There are so many options in the market and each one of them claim to be the world’s best sealant. However, very few actually live up to their claims. Here at CTEC, we never make a promise we can’t keep. Our best-selling sealant is the construction adhesive, sealant and filler, CT1.

It has been bestowed with the title “The Snag List Eliminator” by professionals all over the world and is the one construction adhesive that you can really rely on. It has the extraordinary power to bond a massive range of materials, including some of the world’s most stubborn and difficult materials including glass, tiles, mirror, wood and metal, to name but a few.

Flexibility and Movement

When you are looking for the perfect construction sealant, you are probably hoping to find one that is both flexible and strong enough to hold the bond no matter what. CT1 is incredibly flexible and forms a permanent bond that can withstand and tolerate rapid movement and vibrations.

High Performance Quality

Construction sealants are used to form strong bonds between all kinds of materials and equipment. It’s cohesion and adhesion abilities are incredibly important, which is why you need to choose a sealant that prevents corrosion.

Water Resistant

Sealants are used in all sorts of climates and conditions. If you really want to use the best quality sealant on the planet, then you better make sure it’s waterproof. CT1 is 100% water resistant. It can work beneath the water’s surface, in extreme wet and dry conditions. This makes CT1 the perfect construction sealant for use on boats and in wet environments. For example, it can be used to seal fish ponds, aquariums, swimming pools and leaking gutters etc.

Food Safe

If you plan on using CT1 to bond materials in places like the kitchen (commercial or otherwise), then you need to make sure that your construction sealant of choice has conformed to the standard ISEGA Standards. CT1 is 100% food safe, which means it is safe to use it in places where food is prepared, consumed and stored.


CT1 is completely odourless. Most construction sealants have a strong smell, which can be extremely off putting and often requires the user to leave the room to avoid developing a light head. Opened windows usually help to encourage ventilation and will also help to get rid of strong odours from construction adhesives and sealants.


Construction sealants often shrink over time. This is mainly due to the fact that most of them contain silicone in their chemical make-up. CT1 does not contain silicone and therefore does not crack, shrink or sag.

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