DIY Kitchens: How to Fit Worktops and Sinks

Whether you’re a professional architect or a DIY enthusiast, fitting new kitchen worktops and sinks can be a tricky job for anyone. Thankfully, we know just the thing that will help you fit new worktops and sink designs in no time.

Let us introduce you to CT1 sealant and adhesive. CT1 is a versatile sealant with intense power and strength to create long-lasting bonds and seals. With its TRIBRID® Technology, it is scientifically proven to be 360% stronger than traditional hybrid polymers. It provides a unique adhesion on virtually any material and is ideal for most applications, including fitting new kitchen worktops and sinks.

Using CT1 to fit a new kitchen worktop

If you want to upgrade your kitchen with a new worktop, CT1 can help. You don’t need an architect or a professional tradesperson for this job. It can be done as a DIY project if you know what you’re doing! The good news is that CT1 will successfully bond most materials without needing any additional fixings. This includes glass, wood, concrete, tiles, stone and many more. CT1 conforms to food preparation standards and is ISEGA certified, which means it is safe to use in the kitchen where food is prepped, prepared, and consumed.

To use CT1 to fit a new kitchen worktop, you first must ensure the worktop is the correct size. The last thing you want is to apply CT1, fuse the new worktop in place, and then discover that it doesn’t quite fit. So, before you apply CT1, make sure that the measurements are correct. Then, you can use CT1 sealant to form a durable bond that secures the new kitchen worktop in place.

Using CT1 to seal a new kitchen sink

Sealing a new sink requires a water-resistant sealant such as CT1. You can DIY this job quite easily with a powerful sealant like CT1, which has been used to seal sinks, baths, and showers, etc., for many years. Apply the sealant around the sink and taps, or wherever it is required. Apply a generous bead and don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect at first. You can always come back and finish the seal later for a smooth final result.

CT1 creates a watertight seal, which is necessary for sealing sinks and ensuring that no leaks take place. This sealant does not crack or shrink over time, which sets it apart from traditional sealants that crack, shrink, and dry up. CT1 contains no solvents or isocyanates and it is odourless, which makes the application process a lot easier.

You will need to use a mastic gun to apply CT1. Once ready, cut the cartridge at the nose and cut the nozzle at your desired dimension. Then, start applying! For best results, apply on a clean, degreased surface and finish off the joints with MultiSolve.

Whether you want to fit a new kitchen sink or an entire new worktop, CT1 is the best sealant for the job. Shop for CT1 in all Wickes Stores nationwide today!

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