CT1 The Ultimate Gutter Sealant

CT1, the unique sealant and construction adhesive, has proved itself to be the BEST Gutter Sealant available. There are so many sealants on the market proclaiming to seal Gutters but if these Gutter Sealants all worked efficiently, why are people still coming back to C-Tec to tell us our construction sealant is the first one to properly seal their gutters? Regular gutter sealants are silicone based, containing a high content level of solvents within their composition.

These types of sealants are doomed to fail because the solvent will evaporate and shrink the silicone, resulting in a leaking Gutter. The silicone sealant also lacks adhesion strength. This is troubling, especially in adverse weather conditions where there is a lot of movement in the Gutters. Silicone sealants do not have a good resistance, especially with the extreme temperature change and rain. Eventually, gutters that have been sealed with these will fail and require additional fixings further down the line.

CT1 sealant is the best Gutter Sealant available for a number of reasons. CT1 Sealant is not a silicone but a revolutionary hybrid polymer formulation that contains no solvents and therefore will never shrink or crack. CT1 sealant has a formidable bond strength of 270 n/cm², making it able to bond with numerous materials including metal, plastic, lead, cement and wood etc. Conventional gutter sealants usually contain degrees of PVC, which makes bonding more difficult than it has to be. However, CT1 sealant is able to bond and seal PVC because it is a high bond construction adhesive. With an elongation break of 350%, CT1 remains flexible no matter its surrounding environment. CT1 sealant is extremely environmentally friendly as it is 100% V.O.C free and has a food accredited certification.

Before applying CT1 onto the Gutter it is advisable to clean the surface from dirt and moss, our CT1 MultiSolve is the perfect option for this. The conventional Gutter Sealants have to be applied when the Gutter is dry because they will not stick to a wet surface. This can pose as a bit of a problem when you live in a country that rains a lot. CT1 Sealant however, has the unique ability to stick to a wet surface and even adheres to surfaces under water.

CT1 Gutter Sealant can be painted with any type of paint but you might not have to lift so much as a paintbrush since CT1 sealant is available in several colours including black, grey, white and brown etc. Many people find using a cartridge Gun awkward especially when trying to seal Gutters. So we at C-Tec have developed a pressure pack that does not require a caulking gun, it’s Amazing! The CT1 No Gun is the perfect size for most D.I.Y applications, however with both package types available no task will defeat you.