CT1 Strongest Sealant Available

Where there’s a leak there’s a seal, or lack of! Why is there no sealant strong enough? You may ask- But you are asking the wrong question!….. What is the strongest sealant available? You should ask…

CT1! The only sealant strong enough to ensure you never have a leak again and your seal will the strongest and you will cease asking the wrong questions!

CT1 a revolutionary sealant is a hybrid polymer formulation, and has been proven by all end users, that this is in fact the strongest sealant on the market. CT1 is now commonly known by all who have used CT1 as the snag list eliminator! Once you use CT1 you will never have to re-visit the job again.

The hybrid formulation if Ct1 the key ingredient which makes CT1 the strongest sealant available, has no chemicals. Therefore CT1 will never shrink, causing those dreaded leaks! CT1, the strongest sealant on the market, can me painted over! Horary for painters…

CT1 also comes in 7 different colours. CT1’s clear, is so clear its almost invisible to the naked eye which makes CT1’s clear, the strongest invisible sealant on the market!

Wait. It gets better. Plumbers contain yourselves…. CT1, the strongest sealant on the market, is also anti bacterial! Showers, baths and sinks love CT1 as fungus will never grow, so Mr. Plumber will not have to remove old sealant and replace with new sealant.

But this is not all, CT1 the strongest sealant on the market can also be used under water! Or on any wet surface. It can be sculpted under water to conceal any leak.

CT1 the strongest sealant on the market is also the strongest adhesive on the market and will bond and seal almost any construction material under water, on a wet surface whilst forming the strongest seal available.

CT1 the strongest sealant on the market has been developed over the last 25 years and C-Tecs dedicated R & D Department along with our sales team are continually asking what would make the perfect sealant. Many tradesmen and end users had their own holiday fantasies of a perfect sealant:

Can we use it on a wet surface? YES
Can we paint over it? YES
Can I use this over head , without the sealant dripping? YES
Will bacteria grow over it in time? NO
Can I use it under water? YES
Is this the strongest sealant available?