We at C-Tec are extremely confident in stating that CT1 sealant is the No.1 sealant on the market. Our loyal and happy customers would also second this statement as we have received many testimonials that sing the praises of this incredible product. But how and why did our marvellous product acclaim to the status of being No 1?

CT1 was born in 2005 after a period of immense research and development, not to mention substantial investment in a ground breaking advance in the field of sealants. Actually the creation of CT1 was unprecedented in respect to its technology and performance. Prior to this period, sealants available in the market were quite lousy and delivered a poor performance. In fact, sealants had not progressed in any great form for the last 35 years. These sealants were of a silicone, acrylic, or polythene origin which was all that was available in those times and each one was created to suit various applications.

However, none of these sealants had improved in performance as technology changed which meant that sealants were stuck in a sticky type of “time warp” that took no inspiration from the ever-changing technologies of modern times. For example, a silicone sealant cannot be applied onto a wet surface or painted and contains harmful solvents, to name a few of the many disadvantages associated with sealants that pre-dated CT1.

The market at that time was screaming out for a binding of “the time” that could perform better than a sealant produced with the same 35 year old technology. This is the reason why C-Tec developed this incredible product which has revolutionised the industry with a breath of fresh air. This incredible product has a completely different formulation compared to any other sealant which allows it to perform like no other.

It is 100% ecologically compliant and therefore it is non-hazardous and completely harmless which has made CT1 earn full food compliance accreditation. This of course has great advantages for maintenance or installations for engineers working within food packing and cold storage units. This product, as previously stated, performs like no other. For example, CT1 can be applied unto a wet surface and even under water. CT1 will replace a silicone, acrylic, sanitary, byuthal and P.U. all in one. This incredible number 1 product also remains flexible and can be painted using almost all types of paints.

CT1 will also perform expertly as a formidable construction adhesive that will bond wood to concrete, lead to brick, marble to stone and PVC to brick etc. Combinations of materials are endless.

The feedback we get from our customers on how easy it is to use as well as the high quality performance / durability of our product is incredible. The amount of roofers who comment on the versatility and speed of this sealant is incessant. Sealing conservatories is now a breeze even if it is raining; we have yet to find an occasion where CT1 will not work.

CT1 gets the job done right every time and on the first ‘attempt’.