CT1 Sealant replaces the need for Several Different Sealants

C-Tec unique CT1 Sealant has revolutionised the market and application of sealants. Before C-Tec was born both the professional and D.I.Y enthusiast had access to only what was available in the retail market and reference to sealants. Although there was a multitude of choice of various different brands of sealants they are more or less narrowed down to two types. A Silicone sealant and an acrylic sealant. For nearly every application ranging from sealing a bath to repairing a roof a silicone sealant was reached for with disastrous results why? The silicone sealant would shrink and crack causing leakage again. Second time round an acrylic or polyurethane sealant would be used with the same problem. Euphoria was the feeling when C-Tec introduced CT1 The Unique Sealant and Construction Adhesive that will replace the need for different applications. CT1 Sealant is so advanced in its technology that it’s hard to believe. CT1 sealant has absolutely none of the disadvantages that all of the sealants have for e.g. CT1 Sealant can be applied on wet surfaces even underwater, will never shrink or crack CT1 Sealant can be painted and will replace sanitary sealants as bacteria or mould is impossible to breed on CT1 sealant. CT1 sealant will provide a 100% seal on virtually any material it will also remain flexible without breaking (up to 350%) unlike conventional sealants.

CT1 Sealant replaces the need for several different sealants