CT1 – Safest and Most Reliable Number One Sealant

The most effective sealant and bonding solution is CT1’s Number 1 Sealant & Adhesive. CT1 works instantly to provide safe and reliable results that you can trust to last a lifetime.

When choosing what sealant to use, you need to be able to trust that it will perform correctly and not pose a threat to anyone’s safety. The sealant must be able to bond with multiple materials and to do so effectively. A poor sealant may crack and shrink over time or when exposed to harsh weather conditions, which is why it is essential to choose one that guarantees a safe and reliable result. CT1 is the holy grail of sealants and has been referred to as the “Snag List Eliminator” by professionals in the market and by trade and domestic users alike.

What Makes a Safe and Reliable Sealant?

CT1 sealant uses no solvents whatsoever and has an EC1 and EC1 A+ certificate, making it an incredibly safe sealant for the environment. You can trust CT1 sealant to fill in any worries that you may have regarding your bonding needs. It is ideal for showers, roofs, tanks, baths, floors and pretty much anything else that you can think of. It is versatile and adaptable, working both indoors and outdoors.

If you are worried about the effects of CT1 sealant on the skin, worry no more because with a little wash with water you can quickly scrub away any traces of the product from the skin which is particularly welcomed news if you worry about staining your hands or arms when applying CT1 sealant.

CT1 Sealant has passed all of its ‘safety tests’ with flying colours. Boat users often use CT1 sealant to repair leaks on board because it is able to spread easily under water and can be applied on wet surfaces without slipping or sliding. It is even more appealing to those wishing to use it underwater because it prevents fungal growth which ensures that the condition of your repair will stand not only the test of time but the ever changing decrees of nature. With excellent chemical resistance, CT1 sealant does not pose any threat to the health of you or your family. It is also food safe and conforms to ISEGA Standards. It is resistant to VV and vibrations which means you will never feel shreds of the sealant flitting down on you from above or having to worry about how it will hold up amongst times of movement or distress.

CT1 is a Safe and Sound Sealant
The expression ‘safe and sound’ couldn’t be more suited than with the performance of CT1’s No. 1 Sealant which can bond to most surfaces without attacking the synthetic material. It is completely odourless and does not shrink. It can be bonded with glass, metal, wood, polystyrene, concrete, tiles and fibreglass amongst others. This unique sealant from CT1 will get the job done right and ensures 100% safety to both the materials with which it has been used and to those working with the sealant.


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