CT1 No Gun Required

As the success of CT1 The Unique Sealant & Construction Adhesive continues to grow we at C-Tec have yet again developed a solution to a problem. In many applications when using a standard cartridge that has to be applied using a caulking gun, it is in some situations almost impossible to apply the sealant due to lack of space or extremely awkward position. CT1 No Gun is the solution to this problem. With a built in trigger dispenser it eliminates completely the need for a cartridge gun. CT1 No Gun is CT1 unique sealant and construction adhesive but is a different package. The reaction we have received on customers using this package is amazing. Trying to seal in areas that are so tight that you cannot see the area is no problem for CT1 No Gun. It can be applied overhead with ease and at a 360 degree angle. CT1 No Gun is perfect help to anyone young or old with any kind of physical restrictions that normally restrict those using conventional caulking guns.



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