CT1 Multisolve removes greasy grime from door hinges

An unsightly and needless mess

Door hinges exhibiting a greasy grime are at best unsightly and at worst revolting, nauseating and could stain someone’s clothes if they rub up against it. The horrible gunk can detract from the surrounding decor of a room in a radical way. It is not a good impression to impart especially to those making their first visit to a premises and the problem should be addressed and rectified immediately. Regardless of the setting – either residential or commercial, there is no excuse for door hinges to appear so defiled. It actually is a sad reflection on the company or house holder that the grime goes unnoticed and untreated. It certainly would not inspire a positive attitude from a public relations perspective and could possibly have a negative effect on client perceptions of company standards.

The question is obviously – how do you best resolve the issue?

There are traditional methods of removing the gunk that can be slow and messy which ultimately deters householders from tackling the problem. This in turn leads to procrastination with no clear solution instantly available to them. Thankfully that situation has been completely transformed with the current availability of an effective spray solvent that will remove the greasy gunk instantly. CT1’s Multisolve has been designed and manufactured to do precisely what is required to remove the greasy oil with no ostensible signs of left over residual detritus or oily film on the hinge surface.  A quick spray of Multisolve on the offending hinge followed by a wipe with a clean cloth will result in a faultlessly clean hinge that can be reoiled with an appropriate proprietary product to ensure smooth operation with no surface mess.

The cosmetic difference with a clean hinge

A spotlessly clean hinge that works effectively will look much more in sync with its clean decorative environs than a dirty grease coated one. The application of the Multisolve requires no particular skills or specialised labour so no financial outlay is necessary apart from purchasing the economical Multisolve. It is a DIY job that the least enthusiastic can carry out efficiently, content in the knowledge that the Multisolve is non aggressive whilst working effectively as a grease remover. Its constituent chemical structure ensures that there is no collateral damage caused to the target material or unwanted side effects to the operator. Its green credentials and health and safety regulation conformity make it an obvious choice for the construction industry for which it has been specifically designed and fabricated.

A solvent “ par excellence”

Its premium attribute remains its ability to perform exactly as stated on the container label and that is what makes it such a popular product across the continent of Europe. It is stocked by many Builders’ Suppliers in UK, Ireland, Spain, Norway and other European countries and is recommended for use with C Tec Adhesives and Sealants. As a multi purpose solvent Multisolve is a very valuable tool to the construction and related industries where other C Tec products on the Snag List Eliminator inventory also provide an equally  professional service. This product is gaining sales traction and popularity as a stock in trade solvent that every self respecting tradesman should always have at hand to resolve all those little issues that continually arise.

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